Mobile application for good deeds, public procurement and fans of "Game of thrones"!


The market for mobile applications is rapidly expanding. The benefit of niches for this is not considered. Take, for example, the latest news - they just say to you: “Make a mobile application, others have succeeded and everything works!”.

But first things first ... Sweet - at the end.

Viewers go "on the figure" through the mobile application

In order to connect to digital television, you have to find out by word of mouth about the providers, about where the signal is caught better, ask for a list of channels. All this is the time you can spend on your favorite thing.

For those who want to quickly connect digital TV, they came up with the TV Guide mobile application. It contains not only offers from the service provider, but also a list of the channels that can be selected, the geolocation of the TV towers. This is, indeed, a guide on digital television, the press service of RTRS reports.

What mobile application have you come up with for your business?

Do a good deed - get in the TOP!

For St. Petersburg teenagers have come up with a mobile application where they can compete with each other in good deeds.

Mobile application "Z-avatar" created by the youth public patriotic movement "Generation Z". The organization believes that today's youth is different in that their life is mostly “digital”, the new generation creates and depends on digital technologies. Internet thinking contributes to the fact that life is measured by likes and other digital awards, so why not use all this for the good of the cause?

Users of the application share their good deeds and receive awards, thereby increasing their “digital” status. Thus, “digital” life contributes to development in real life.

Scientists have developed a mobile application for oil and gas

And you thought the mobile app was just toys? No, it can replace the serious equipment that is used for the exploration of mineral deposits.

Scientists of Yekaterinburg have created a mobile application that can calculate the thawing radius of wells during the extraction of minerals.

This information is very important because, due to incorrect calculations, the place where the work is being done, and this is permafrost, can melt, which will lead to changes in the soil and, possibly, to accidents at facilities built within the deposit radius.

Re-discover the world of "Game of Thrones"

No, this is not another game with additions, this is a real world map of the Game of Thrones, where fans can explore every place mentioned in the cult series - from Winterfell to Visterosa, read the biographies of characters, recall scenes from the film.

Moreover, the application is completely in English, which means that it can be used when learning this language. You must admit that it is much more interesting to translate the dialogues from your favorite series than to read Moscow is a capital of Russia again and again.

As you can see, mobile application development is not standing still. Futureinapps company is creating a mobile application for iOs and Android. Contact, help with ideas!

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