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Mobile application for brain training, how to entertain the queue and pay for public transport through a mobile application, how to catch a debtor - all this is in our selection of news about the market of mobile applications!


Mobile application useful for the brain


Scientists from the University of Cambridge have created a mobile application Decoder, which is able to train the human brain.

The digital age has brought new challenges for people, one of which is the scattered attention syndrome. The game Decoder forces the user to concentrate on solving certain problems and thereby trains the ability to concentrate.

Experiments have shown that the Decoder acts similarly to central nervous system stimulants.


How to entertain people standing in line at the Hermitage?


A mobile application that should tell about the Hermitage exhibits in St. Petersburg, as well as introduce the upcoming excursion into the course, is planned to be developed for people standing in line at the museum.

The head of the Hermitage, Mikhail Piotrovsky, believes that this will allow some queues to be unloaded to well-known and popular exhibits and to draw people's attention to little-known, but equally valuable art masterpieces.



Pay by tram via mobile app


Mobile application Transport launched in the city of Almetyevsk on January 1, 2019. It allows you to pay for travel by public transport, replenish the account on the transport card, monitor the number of remaining trips.


The application is available on all Android and iOS smartphones.



How to catch a debtor? Life hacking from China


In China, a mobile application was developed that notifies people that there is a “malicious debtor” next to them. The authorities want people to help them find debtors and report them to the appropriate authorities. In addition, if the debtor has a completely solvent form, it is also recommended to inform about this through the application.

It is not yet known whether the appendix mentions the names and the size of the debt of the guilty to the state.


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