Instagram has increased its advertising load? Marketers report that 1 out of 4 posts is an advertisement


Advertisers say that demand leads to more advertising on Instagram news — especially for users who have experience with advertising.

We recently noticed a significant increase in the number of ad slots on Instagram. After a quick test using our channel, we found that ads accounted for 22% of the 45 posts and 23% of the 26 stories.

Ad downloads may vary depending on user engagement


People who often click on ads more often see it.

A Facebook spokesperson said: We are always improving the quality of advertising. Ad loading varies depending on how people use Instagram. We are closely watching the mood of people both in relation to advertising and in general. "

Facebook’s own documentation also clearly shows that advertising is shown based on user participation on its platforms, and not just on Instagram alone:

Ads are shown to you depending on your activity in Facebook companies and products, such as:

• Pages that you and your friends like.

• Information from your Facebook and Instagram profile.

• Places where you register using Facebook.

In other words, users who often use ads or brands on the platform are more likely to receive more ads. But, as we heard, this happens not only with people who are more inclined to click on advertisements.

Agency data shows an increase in advertising in all areas

Josh Thompson, social network strategist at Portent Digital, said his agency also noticed a slow increase trend on Instagram.

“We correlate the increase in advertising with an increase in the number of advertisers on the Facebook application platform, including Instagram,” Thompson said.

More advertisers demand more advertising resources

The number of advertisers on Facebook platforms is growing, as everyone understands what kind of coverage and what kind of audience they can provide. Many companies increase their SMM budget, especially when it comes to retargeting e-commerce campaigns and brands, which usually should seem to the audience several times before a sale occurs.

Talk about higher CPCs or times confirms the statistics above. Recently, we see that retargeting campaigns are more expensive than just cold traffic or even conversion campaigns. But in the end, it all depends on the cost of the customer’s purchase and sale, as well as how the final profit from these advertising expenses will look.

Note that an increase in the number of advertisers means more competition in an advertising auction.

Facebook’s own data reports that it now has 7 million active advertisers - significantly more than the five million registered in April 2017.

What does this mean for smm marketers?

Increased advertising load Instagram puts advertisers in a difficult position. They already see an increase in customer acquisition costs (CAC) and adjust tactics to ensure the effectiveness of campaigns.

The competition is growing, which means that the requirements for creatives, for the correct allocation of budgets, for precise definition of the target audience are growing. All this should be done by SMM professionals.

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