Instagram content for business profiles. What should it be?


Before you start filling out your instagram account with content, it is advisable to develop future headings and a content plan.

This will facilitate further work with the page, and you will never ask yourself the question: “What to publish today?”.

Instagram business account headings

Why do we need rubrics, you ask? The fact is that the Instagram audience is pretty sated, and if you post only your product every day, then there will be a high probability of unsubscribing.

Each rubric must meet the page maintenance tasks.

1. Marketing

Here you talk about the promoted product / service - prices, advantages over others, etc.

2. Entertaining

Posts initiate communication with their subscribers on various topics, even if they do not relate directly to your product. Subscribers should understand that you are a living person, and not an automated machine that generates selling posts.

3. Information

In this section, we teach subscribers how to use your product, as well as entertain them with interesting cases related to the promoted product or service.

4. Reputational

Increase brand loyalty by engaging subscribers in the life of the company. Here you can post reviews about your products, the achievements of your employees, etc.

Content plan for an Instagram business account

Headings are the basis for our weekly content plan. It is important to understand how often you can post this or that category. No need to stuff your audience with uninteresting and low-quality pictures with quotes, if you have nothing to say. It is better to let the rare posts, but the most interesting and involving.

The content plan is drawn up in a table. It is not necessary to write the exact text, it is enough to specify the topic of the post.

It’s best to take photos yourself, but it’s important to be aware of the role of the visual component in Instagram promotion. Therefore, if you are not sure of the quality of the picture, then try to find a beautiful picture on the subject on the Internet. It is advisable to brand the photo if you have your own logo. This makes your account serious and works for recognition.

* Do not forget to duplicate the post in the "Story", indicating that you have a new interesting post.

Hashtags selection

Hashtags are a required part of Instagram content. It is important to properly arrange the post and register all the hashtags relevant to it.

What does relevant mean? For example, if a post about salon grooming dogs, then under the post should not be hashtags "kimkardashyan."

But how to get good relevant hashtags on your topic?

There are many services on the Internet, including web.stagram.com, which allow you to select popular hashtags. It is important to know that for registration it is better to take mid-frequency hashtags, and not top ones. Why? Putting only the top hashtags you risk getting lost and quickly go down the tape among the same "enterprising" account holders.

Creating content for Instagram is the daily work of copywriters, marketers, and possibly photographers. This is a complete immersion in your business and understanding of business processes. The commercial potential of the Instagram social network remains high, and therefore promotion requires a business-like approach from a business person.

Futureinapps specialists are professionally engaged in the promotion of business accounts on Instagram. Trust the professionals!

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