How to use Google Analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of the Youtube channel?


Want to learn more about how people on YouTube interact with your channel? Want to know which YouTube links attract the most visitors?

In this article, you will learn how to use Google Analytics to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing on YouTube.

Why use Google Analytics to track YouTube channel and traffic links

Google Analytics can track your YouTube traffic in two ways. You can track users who visit your YouTube channel, as well as users who visit your website from YouTube.

When you monitor YouTube channel traffic, you can see who visits, where they come from, and which sections of the channel they use (for example, playlists). This is useful if you have many subscribers and you manage your business through your channel. If you have few subscribers, the channel tracking setup will be useful when expanding your channel.

Tracking YouTube traffic to your site is useful regardless of the number of subscribers on your channel. In this case, Google Analytics tracks users who click on a YouTube link to visit your site. The link may appear in the description of the video on YouTube or on the card. After setting up this tracking, you will appreciate how your marketing on YouTube helps you achieve common marketing goals.


# 1: Find out how users find your YouTube channel

To track YouTube users who visit your channel, you need to isolate the traffic that you are tracking in Google Analytics. To do this, you can filter metrics that show only YouTube traffic, or set up a feature that tracks users based on a specific tracking identifier. Then you can see how users find your channel and interact with it.

When there are many users on your channel, Google Analytics reports can tell you how people find and use your YouTube channel.


# 2. Track clicks on YouTube links that lead to your site.

Google Analytics can also track users who follow YouTube links that point to your site. For each link that you add to a YouTube video, you must first install the UTM tracking tag, which allows Google Analytics to tag certain traffic sources. We also recommend shortening the links you add to YouTube. If the link is correctly configured, you can analyze your traffic in the report.

Create custom short URLs for YouTube videos

Because links tagged with UTM are long and frightening, Futureinapps recommends using our link shortener. Short links are more easily perceived by the audience!

A note about viewing YouTube Video Analytics in Google Analytics

Google Analytics does not show specific videos that people watch. The easiest way to see this information is to view the analytics on YouTube.

If you want to see analytics for each video in Google Analytics, you can use UTM tags.

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