How to sell more Instagram products: 4 tips


Do you sell products on Instagram? Want to know how to create posts on Instagram that are interesting to customers?

In this article, you will learn about four ways to show and promote your products on Instagram.

To start

To succeed in selling to Instagram, you first need to find people who are really interested in your brand and products. If you do not have the right audience, it will be difficult for you to convert them into customers.

One of the ways to attract new subscribers is to use hashtags in their Instagram posts. Choose hashtags that your ideal customers can use, search or subscribe to. Do not be afraid to experiment. Finding the right combination of hashtags that reach your ideal followers will take time.

If you are a local business, then choose the geolocation, where you are or are looking for your potential customers.

Here are some ways to promote your products on Instagram.

# 1: Show off your products using 4 Instagram image styles

Since Instagram is a visual platform, this is the perfect place to share images of your products and your brand. If you scroll through Instagram, you will see 4 image formats that most vividly and completely show your brand: product on a plain background, detail shots (macro), model shots and everyday supposedly non-stop photos. Each type of image can effectively showcase your products.

Photograph products on the table

If you want to take a picture in a horizontal plane, choose a neutral neutral background for your shot. If you do not have a suitable table or floor, buy poster paper from a local store. Best shot from above, so make sure you have a ladder or stepladder to help you get the right angle.

When positioning a product in a frame, decide whether you want to leave some space for text or graphic overlay, and then start shooting. Take lots of pictures so you have a few options to choose from. With a little editing you will have beautifully designed product photos.

Detailed shooting

Does your product have small, complex details? Is there some kind of electronic or complex component? Beautiful pattern on one side? For almost every product, you can benefit from close-up shots that focus on a unique attribute.

Regardless of whether you magnify an image for clarity or to create beautiful images, detailed images are an effective way to draw attention to your product.

Connect models

If you are selling clothing, jewelry or other wearable products, most likely you have already thought about using people to present your products. Consumers tend to respond well to any images that include people. Even if you sell coffee mugs, notebooks, consider adding a person to your photo.

Share images of everyday life

Photos of everyday life, on which your products are shown, also work effectively on Instagram. These images should be quieter and less stylized than model shots. Try to capture your products in a natural way so that customers can better understand how they will use them in their lives.

Design a holistic Instagram grid

When demonstrating products on Instagram, it is important to create a single grid in your profile.

If customers or potential subscribers encounter one of your images, say, in a hashtag search, and he likes it, they will most likely visit your account to see what else you are selling. If your grid looks unrelated to a wide variety of image types and without a visible topic or plan, this may alienate potential customers.

Taking time to create a visual style for your photo grid in your account can have a big impact on consumers.

# 2. Encourage browsing through Instagram purchases

After you have photographed your products to share on Instagram, switch to simplifying the purchase process. The easier it is to make a purchase for people, the better. By eliminating obstacles to action, you can turn more of your subscribers into customers.

Product tags can help businesses increase traffic and revenue. When users click on the marked image to see the price, they simply put it in their shopping basket in a couple of clicks.

How Instagram tags work

Clicking on the purchased image shows tags with the product name and price. If users touch the tag, they will see a page with different images and product descriptions. If they click on the link to your website, they go to the product page, where they can easily add the item to their shopping cart and place an order.

The most enjoyable thing is that the buying process never takes customers outside the Instagram application; No browser switching. This is a seamless shopping experience.

# 3: Put a call to action in Instagram history with Swipe Up feature

The popularity of Instagram stories makes them the perfect place for brands to communicate with their subscribers. The transition feature, which is unlocked after your account reaches 10,000 subscribers, will allow you to send your subscribers directly to your site.

It is also a good idea to include “Swipe Up” or another call to action (CTA) in your visual effects.

The scroll feature can easily lose its effectiveness if it is excessively used or used only to try to sell.

# 4: Announcement of sales and discounts with branded graphics

Instagram signatures are where your brand can really show up, but sometimes your subscribers skip them, especially when they quickly scroll through the news feed. To draw attention to important reports of major sales or events, create personalized graphics to announce it, while remaining brand.

Your Instagram schedule can also announce grand opening, new arrivals, select items, etc. - the possibilities are endless.

Developing beautiful brand graphics is important, but not everyone can afford to hire a graphic designer. Fortunately, you will find many available tools that make it easy to create professional images.

Most likely, you have already heard about Canva - a free graphic design tool for drag and drop, which is intuitive, even for non-designers. Crello is another great graphic design tool that provides templates, editing tools and loading custom fonts.


Instagram is one of the fastest growing and most popular social networks, especially for business. It is important to use all the opportunities offered by the platform for business.

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