How to make Instagram posts from a computer?


Have you ever wanted you to be able to post to Instagram directly from your desktop, and not from your mobile device? Do you know Instagram implements this feature?

In this article, you will learn how to plan and publish Instagram posts through your desktop without any third-party applications.


How to access Creator Studio for Instagram

Instagram still does not support publishing directly from Instagram.com, but the new Creator Studio does offer the ability to publish and schedule both Instagram posts and IGTV videos.

To access Creator Studio, go to http://facebook.com/creatorstudio.

You will be automatically logged into the accounts and pages to which you are connected.

If your Instagram account is already connected, you will see Facebook and Instagram icons at the top of the browser window. If not, select the option to connect.

Once connected, click on the Instagram icon at the top of the page to view the contents of your Instagram account.

If you have the opportunity to post messages in Creator Studio, you will see a large blue button "Create message" in the upper left corner of the screen. Clicking on this button opens two options: Instagram Feed or IGTV. Select the option you want and continue downloading the post with tips.

At the time of this writing, Creator Studio allows you to create Instagram posts (with one or more photos and / or videos) and IGTV videos. There are currently no options for stories.

# 1: How to post Instagram feed from your desktop

To post an Instagram feed from Creator Studio, click the Create Post button and select the Instagram Feed option.

A pop-up window will appear on the right side of the page asking you to select an Instagram account to use. If you have only one account, you can click only that account. If you have multiple Instagram accounts, select the one you want to use.

Then a window will open so you can create your post. You can sign, add a location, upload your content (photos or videos) and simultaneously post on Facebook.

Remember that Creator Studio applies the same formatting rules as Instagram:

• There should be no spaces after the last paragraph character. To avoid this, return to the last character.

• You cannot use several special characters at the end of a paragraph. Use one punctuation mark, not several (like OMG !!!!).

• Do not use emojis as the last paragraph character (provided that you have an emoji keyboard on your computer).

If you want to add hashtags during publication, you need to include them in the signature.

When you start to enter a title and add other signatures, the counter under the header field will count the number of functions you have left. This makes it easy to see how many characters, mentions, and hashtags you still have.

To add a location, start typing in the name of the place and recommendations will appear on the screen.


To download visual content, click "Add Content" under the "Add Location" field. Then select content from your computer or Facebook page.

You can upload up to 10 photos and videos into a single carousel message using this upload option.

If you select one file on your computer or on your Facebook page, you cannot add another file through the download option. However, you can select multiple files to upload at the same time by selecting more than one file in the file window.

The files you download will be square by default. You can edit the location of the image in the square or change the orientation to landscape or portrait mode. To do this, click the three dots below the image and select “Crop” in the pop-up menu.

The length of the video files should be from 3 to 60 seconds, and they should be in the 4: 5 or 16: 9 format. When your file is loaded, you will see a progress indicator in the lower left corner of the screen. It will turn green when the video file is fully downloaded and ready for publication.

There are no editing options for the video. Pressing the button with three points of the video file allows you to only delete the file. So make sure your video is formatted the way you want it to appear on Instagram before uploading it.

After you have uploaded the content file, the “Publish” button in the lower right corner of the screen will turn bright blue, which will allow you to upload your message to Instagram.

Next to the Publish button, you will see a button with a drop-down arrow. If you click on it, you will be able to schedule the publication. Click "Schedule" and select the date and time of publication of the publication on Instagram. Then click Schedule to upload your content for publication at your chosen time.

After scheduling a publication, you will see it in your Creator Studio content library as a scheduled publication.

A warning . Once you have posted or planned to post to Instagram through Creator Studio, you cannot edit a post from Creator Studio. You need to go to the live Instagram post on your mobile device to edit the text of the post itself.

# 2: How to publish an IGTV video from a computer

Publishing and scheduling IGTV videos works in much the same way as the steps described above for posting a regular post to Instagram.

Start by clicking Create Message and select the IGTV option from the menu. Select the Instagram account you want to use on the menu screen.

To download your video content, click “From File” and select the files on your computer. You can also click “From the contents of your page” and select files on your Facebook page.

Add a title and description. Your video will not be uploaded unless you include the title.

And remember, your description may include hashtags and any URL of your choice! You can make your description more readable with spaces and formatting.

Next, select a cover image for the video. You can scroll through the list of thumbnails of cover images that fill out automatically and choose the one that works best for you. Or click “Download Custom Image” to select a file on your computer that will be used as the IGTV cover.

If you try to download a video or cover image that does not meet the requirements of IGTV, an error message will appear in which you will be recommended to familiarize yourself with the requirements for IGTV video.

Before posting your message, check the placement options for your video on IGTV. If your video is longer than 1 minute, you have the option to display a preview of the first minute in your Instagram feed. This check box is automatically selected on the download screen, but you can uncheck it if you do not want the preview to appear in your feed.

You can also share the publication on your Facebook page if you wish.

As with regular channel downloads, you have the option to schedule publication.

Select a date and time, and then click Schedule to download the message.

Your published or planned publication on IGTV will appear in your Creator Studio Content Library. It appears on the All Content main screen in Creator Studio, as well as on the IGTV tab in your content library (on the right).



With all the tools available to create and upload Instagram content, you may wonder what is the advantage of using Creator Studio to post to Instagram. There are other scheduling tools and dashboard management software that let you post from your desktop to Instagram. And although Creator Studio cannot replace the reliable functionality of most of these third-party tools, for many marketers this tool will be easier to use, and it is free!

It is also nice to have a tool designed specifically for Instagram (and Facebook) and not based on third-party access to the API, which you can change or withdraw at any time.

Creator Studio is also the only tool currently available for IGTV video planning. If you often create content for IGTV, this tool will help you in your content strategy.

The publishing option in Creator Studio is already available, and many people have access to it, although not all.

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