How to attract visitors to the site? Why do we need information traffic? SEO for Dummies

How to attract visitors to the site? Why do we need information traffic? SEO for Dummies

What is the traffic for the site?

First, let's look at what traffic is. Traffic is the number of visitors, visits to your site for a specific time unit.

Types of traffic on site content

There are two types of traffic: information and marketing.

With the seller everything is clear. This traffic is the most valuable, because it allows you to monetize your resource, in this case the site where you sell something. For most online stores, only this kind of traffic is needed, and they do not think about more.

The information type of traffic for them is like garbage that is lying on the road, and they can sometimes pick it up. For the conversion from such traffic - less than 0.5%.

In fact, information traffic can play a big role in promoting your online store. And this is part of SEO (SEO) site optimization.

How does information traffic work?

Increasing brand loyalty

People often ask search engines questions on the topics they are interested in not to buy something. When a user finds an answer on the page of your company, he has confidence in her. The recognition of the brand is growing, which in the future can increase sales.

Increase in sales

Yes, the conversion is small, but the traffic itself is huge. Therefore, these 0.5% conversion from information traffic can lead to good sales, especially if at the end of the information article responding to thematic queries, you will offer a quick but cost-effective solution to the user's problems.

Leader among competitors

The more answers a user finds on your site, the rating of this resource among competitors. You can be recognized as an expert in your field, which will inevitably lead to additional traffic, including from "word of mouth".

Information traffic in SEO promotion

Frequent visits to your site, a long stay on it, page turning shows the interest of users. Behavioral factors are indicators for Yandex and Google. Your site responds to requests, and hence the search engines will love it. What will it give? High ranking of the site on the search! Is this not the main result of the CEO?

The conversion of the site, which goes to the top of organic search, may be higher than the advertising issue.


Do not hurry to discard information traffic and work on filling your site with useful articles that will please users and search engines! I want SEO promotion!

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