How quickly to attract a client to the site of a fitness club? Case

How quickly to attract a client to the site of a fitness club? Case

In this article, we will talk about promoting a fitness club with the help of contextual advertising in one of Russia's largest cities.

What do we have at the start?

Fitness club was engaged in contextual promotion in the RSA, but it was ineffective for a number of reasons - wrong targeting, incorrect bids, uninteresting banners, "porridge" in campaigns, etc.

The fitness club does not have a swimming pool, there is a gym for cardio training and strength training, as well as halls for group classes.

Group classes are divided into women's, men's and children's. There are several directions for each group.

What was done at the first stage?

The first stage was the collection of the semantic kernel, filtering from non-targeted requests, the formation of a list of minus words.

All this is done in special services. Then it was decided, key requests with what frequency to make in the RSA. We were guided by all "selling requests" and high-frequency thematic and informational.

The second stage of contextual promotion

Knowing the infrastructure of the club, you can make up the structure of advertising campaigns so that there is no "porridge".

Therefore, it was decided to divide the campaign in the directions of fitness, by age and sex. In addition, the campaigns were divided into key requests - selling, thematic and informational.

Why do you need to break up advertising campaigns? The fact is that this will allow you to adjust rates, turn off unnecessary campaigns (for example, one direction of training has disappeared), add new ones, raise bids for selling key queries and reduce for information. After all, there is a big difference when a user clicks "buy a subscription to fitness" or "how to pump up a press". The first is a "hot" selling request and it is worth to show them often in the RSA, and the second is just informational - not the fact that this user is interested in your fitness club, so why "pour" on this budget.

Advertisements for RSA. The third stage

When setting up contextual advertising, it is important to understand that ads must be adaptive to the format. You do not need to insert ad text from the search in RSA. People who are looking for information in the search want to see what they were looking for, it is desirable verbatim, so we parse all the possible keys for our advertising campaigns on the search. With RSA - in another way. Advertising in the RSA is shown to those who this month were looking for something on our subject. Perhaps he already found that he needed or changed his mind, but advertising is still shown. Therefore, the rates in the RSA are much lower.

The text for RSA should be short and bright, as well as the accompanying picture-banner. In the picture itself, it is also important to correctly place visually attractive elements and text that occupies no more than 20% of the banner.

Hyperlocation - the third stage of advancement in the RSA

Use of the hyperlink tool in Yandex. Audiences - mast hev in the case of the promotion of fitness clubs. After all, people often look for clubs near the house or work, so as not to waste time on the road.

We have set up an ad in the RSA for the entire area in which the fitness club is located, indicating banners that fitness is close by. The club organized an action - a discount for a subscription, which was also reflected in the ads.

Note that in the ad texts we specified the price for the subscription. This eliminates the "clicks" and increases the conversion with selling requests.

The fourth and fifth stages can be called the adjustment of analytics and the actual analysis of the advertising campaign, which showed that after all the work done, the conversion increased by 35%.

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