How AI Affects Web Design and Development


Over the past 25 years, web design and development has been constantly evolving, always exceeding our expectations. The best web developers and designers are always looking for new ways to use new technologies to impress our collective mind.

Artificial Intelligence (AI or AI) was once a technology that was only seen in science fiction films on television, and which often portrayed AI as a frightening, conscious creature seeking to enslave people. Today, web designers and developers take full advantage of AI integration to create beautiful, functional websites that make life easier for users.

This is how AI affects web design and development.


One of the most obvious ways to develop a web project with which artificial intelligence is changing the landscape of modern web design is to turn AI tools into standard web design components. Most website development companies use chatbots on their website. Chatbots make businesses and brands more accessible to visitors, using conversation as a tool for conversion. Modern chatbots use natural language processing systems that conduct meaningful conversations with visitors. By the way, talk to us!


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AI design or ADI provides fundamental movement in the process of creating websites. In 2016, the Wix cloud web development platform introduced its ADI-based tool that “automatically creates a custom homepage for the business or user.” Wix co-founder and CEO Avishai Abrahami said: “Wix ADI is the world's first technology platform that combines website design and content creation with artificial intelligence, which allows you to create full-fledged websites in minutes.”

Other site developers have also begun deploying AI tools to help users build their site or application. Web application design development, for example, is the hobby of Futureinapps, as well as the development of commercial sites. We will be happy to offer you any solutions in this matter, including AI, as well as quickly answer the question of how much such a website or application development costs. By the way, you can read about the cost of website development and what it comes from in the article:

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Besides being used as web design tools and website components, artificial intelligence is used as an analytical tool to determine which projects work best and how they can be improved. Custom software companies create AI-based analytic tools that help real-time web developers analyze how their projects work. This allows companies to provide CRO data management services to help companies maximize the impact of their website on customers through AI-based A / B testing.


Web interface design is not just about the picture. Consider voice applications such as Amazon's Alexa. Smartphones are not so smart without artificial virtual assistants that allow users to search using voice activation. Applications also initiate interaction through push notifications.

Software development companies in create applications using artificial intelligence that uses machine learning, that is, AI learns what to do, when to complete tasks and how to complete tasks.

AI helps SEO

AI boosts the overall site SEO by filtering fraudulent sites and spam using RankBrain. RankBrain is part of Google’s core algorithm, which uses machine learning to determine and provide the most relevant search results.

To “teach” the RankBrain algorithm to create useful search results, Google first “feeds” it data from various sources. Then the algorithm takes it from there, calculating and educating itself over time to match different signals with different results and to arrange ranking in search engines based on these calculations.

The current impact of AI on web design and web development is just the beginning. Software companies will continue to create machine learning AIs that will play a major role in virtually every aspect of website development and design. Voice interfaces already exist in everyday web activity. How do you think AI will affect web design and web development?

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