Google News. Google expands call-only ads


Now the contextual advertising settings will expand. Google updates call-only ads with the ability to add up to two headings and additional text in the description.

The update, which will be released in the coming weeks, will allow advertisers to include two 30-character headlines.

Description lines also increase from 80 to 90 characters.

People often prefer to learn more about business before buying a product or service. Call-only ads allow people to call you directly from mobile search results, without visiting the site.

“To make sure that your customers fully know who they are calling, use these added lines of ad text to describe your business in more detail,” suggested Google.

To simplify the placement of both a company name and a call to action in an ad, the company name is moved to the beginning of the ad description.

This gives advertisers more space in the headline area for a call to action, as shown in the example below:


Google reminds advertisers that clarity and transparency of the business and what it offers is a key principle of Google’s advertising policy.

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