Get rid of Instagram followers!


Did you know that you can delete subscribers on Instagram?

It turns out that now you can remove annoying bots, fake pages and faceless business profiles, and in general people’s pages.

It's pretty simple to do this:

1. Open the Instagram application and “Subscribers” in the profile.

2. Search username.

3. Go to the profile of the follower you want to block.

4. Click on three small dots in the upper right corner of the profile.

5. A pop-up menu appears.

6. Now click “Block”.

7. A warning message will appear asking if you are sure that you want to block this user. Press the lock button.

8. A confirmation message will appear indicating that the user has been successfully blocked.

A lot does not mean good


The bot is not a person, he will not comment on you, like or keep posts and will hang like a dead weight, and Instagram will consider your post uninteresting, since the number of subscribers resonates sharply with the number of activities (likes and comments).

Many people know that if a lot of bots, shops and pseudo-salons are signed up for a profile, then it falls into a shadowban or otherwise ghostly ban. Which means:

Publications are less likely to appear in the feed subscribers, and therefore, decreases the activity in the profile. Only 20-50% of subscribers see your posts in the feed (it depends on the account rating by the system). And if bots get into this system, the percentage of live subscribers will decrease.


How to calculate a pest and get rid of it?


Bot-profile, not owned by man. The profile has less than 15 posts, but basically there are none at all. The name is illegible or at least strange. Also, an account can be subscribed to several thousand accounts.

You can get rid of bots, but there is a high probability of harming your profile. You can block fewer bots per day than you have subscribed (10 live accounts have subscribed to you per day, then you can get rid of no more than 9 bots). Here is such an injustice.

There are many examples where people have temporarily removed more bots without any strategy and thereby reduced their reach and activity. Worked ghostly ban. You will be warned for the first time, but if they notice the second attempt, then most likely your account will be permanently blocked.

Layfhak note:

Before you start cleaning, run an advertisement. The subsequent increase in subscribers for advertising gives odds for the removal of more bots.

 And the Futureinapps company will help you to set up advertisements correctly. You need to keep a balance between the removal of bots and the growth of new subscribers. And forget about the bot cleaning programs!

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