Gain 10,000 Instagram Subscribers and Become Authors!


In Instagram there is a very interesting feature that is relevant for all bloggers who know how to write beautifully, and not just take pictures. This is a new type of accounts that can be selected by users who have more than 10K subscribers.

And this account is called proudly - "Author".

For SMM promoters it is important to know how to get this coveted status and what does it give?

Perform the following algorithm: Settings - Account - type Creator (Author).

And now the main question: “For what?”.

Indeed, what gives this type of accounts?

Let's see.

1. In this article we mentioned shopping tags, which make it possible to see the product and their cost directly on the Instagram picture when you hover, plus to this, when you click, you can immediately get into the order form. Thus, purchases are made directly from Instagram. Previously, it was available only to residents of the United States, now this function has reached Russia.

2. The "Author" profile allows you to sort the correspondence in Direct. You can divide messages into topics, for example, business correspondence and personal.

3. You can disable the section "Contacts" in the profile, which makes it more concise

4. This type of account allows you to select a specific blog category, for example, model, chef, etc.

5. Statistics through the creatorstudio to which you access, more detailed and deep.

6. A new section appears in which you can negotiate with advertisers. This section is similar to the exchange in which you can place your platform for advertising.

With the new update Instagram sales from advertising will become even more convenient, because the user will not need to follow the "link in the bio." The attractiveness of advertising will force users to make purchases from this service more often. For SMM specialists and targetologists, this is a new reliable and interesting tool for promoting on Instagram.

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