Development of mobile applications for business. iOS or Android?


Sooner or later, self-respecting business is faced with the need to acquire its own mobile application. Time trends are now such that it is easier for users to find once and then periodically use the necessary resource than to constantly search for it in browsers, which is rather inconvenient on mobile.

So, the statistics speak in favor of developing mobile applications for business. Mobile application users are divided into two camps - iOS and Android. Now we will not talk about the Windows phone, since the same statistics is not in his favor.

Your target audience can be located among the owners of iPhones, and among the owners of other phones. Here it is important to understand what task the mobile application should perform and what goals to pursue.

The main goal of any mobile application, of course, is monetization. But it is achieved in different ways.

Ways to monetize a mobile application:

1. Sale of services, goods through a free mobile application

2. Selling the mobile application itself, for example, a photo editor, etc.

3. Advertising in the free mobile application

Depending on the chosen monetization path, you must select a platform.

Let's speculate, Apple applications earn today 66% of the revenue of the entire mobile application market. Analysts argue that this is because the owners of iPhones are accustomed to paid services and they enjoy using them. At the same time, the segment of owners of Android phones is rather mixed. There is also a premium audience, which, like the owners of Apple products, use paid mobile services, there are also owners of inexpensive devices that download mostly free apps.

App Store takes the quality of the audience, and Google Play quantity.


It is better to first develop a paid mobile application on the iOS platform, but a free one, designed for the mass consumer, it may be better to build on Android.

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