Dead Souls: as a follower kills subscribers kills


“The account looks undignified when there are few subscribers. Let's twist it. ” When customers say something similar, we ask: “What is your ultimate goal: solidity or, nevertheless, sales?”

"Dead souls" you definitely will not bring them. Moreover: the more subscribers you have, the less real people see your content. How it works?

Recently, a smart tape appeared on Instagram. That is, you see the publications not in chronological order, but according to the principle “first important and interesting, then everything else”. In the first positions - posts of people that interest you, which you like and comment on most often. In addition, publications with high activity are placed at the beginning of the tape. That is, those who like and comment on other users.

But instagram does not like twisted accounts. If you have a beautiful tsiferka 70K in subscribers, and under the posts of 13 likes and not a single comment, NO one sees you at all. You will go to the very bottom of the tape. The ratio of subscribers and activity in the profile should be adequate. Let it be better that you have only 1000 living subscribers, but a stable 50-60 likes, 5-10 comments under the post. Of course, if you also have interesting, attractive content.

Another very important point: the activity of living people will bring you new subscribers. When a post causes a good reaction in the form of likes and comments, you get to the “Popular” section by hashtags and geotags. Of course, the subscribed subscribers no, no, yes leave comments “Wow, nice photo!”. But it will never give such an effect, which brings a lively discussion of the post in the comments.

Conclusion: 1000 subscribers are better than 10 000 bots. It makes no sense to write texts, process photos and hold contests for imaginary friends. They won't buy anything from you anyway. And we hope that you, after all, need sales, rather than beautiful numbers in subscribers.

Therefore, do not get fooled by the proposals to wind 300K subscribers for 500 rubles. Sales will bring you only interesting content and well-tuned advertising. For quality SMM promotion, contact Futureinapps.

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