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Connected TV devices targeted on Google Ads

Now you can show display ads on Google to users who watch Youtube on TV through consoles such as Smart TV.

According to Ipsos Lab, experiments with this format of advertising showed that brand awareness increased by 47%, and the intention to make a purchase - by 35%.


In Yandex. Direct it became possible to put value for user actions - filling out the form and sending

Goal Value is an increase in bid to reach a specific conversion goal. In the case of remarketing, this is an increase in cost per click for those who sent the completed form (lead). Agree, the cost of clicking on the site and the cost of sending the completed form should not be equal. After all, a lead is a 90% ready-made customer who comes from an advertising campaign. The rate optimization algorithm starts to act better after specifying the goal value, which means you can get more clicks and leads for the same budget.

Yandex. Direct has updated advertising mobile applications

This ad format is designed specifically for promoting mobile applications in Yandex, which includes an increase in the number of downloads and users.

The ad involves improved user experience, which will quickly move on to installing the application.

First of all, there was an updated list of applications in which you can add the card of the advertised application. Rating, price, icons and rating will be added automatically.

The tracking link will now be added to the application itself. This makes it easier to set up ad campaigns, since you no longer need to add a tracking link to each ad. In addition, a reference template has been created for some counters, in which all the necessary parameters have already been configured.

Previously, it was necessary to wait for 40 downloads of the application so that the indicator shows the average price for installing the application. Now you can connect the counter at the beginning of the campaign settings.

Manual campaign management has been moved to advanced settings in the ad group.

Running dynamic ads in Yandex. Direct


In November, dynamic Yandex ads became available for various topics. What is remarkable about these ads? A similar tool has long been used in Google Adwords and its “trick” is that the ad title changes depending on the user's request. This is very important for stores with a large assortment of goods. For example, if there are a number of soft toys, and the user is looking for a hare, then the title will be “Soft toy hare”, and if the wolf, then “Soft toy wolf”. No need to enter the entire range of soft toys by hand. It is enough that they were in the cards of the advertised product (feed).

Yandex was pleased with the action - until December 31, when publishing dynamic ads, the company returns 10% of the budget in the first 30 days of impressions.

Futureinapps company will set up advertising campaigns in Yandex. Direct and Google. Adwords with all your wishes!

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