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Tire in the center of the metropolis, the new "unbroken" site and the desire to find customers.

Tire service provides all the services, somehow related to the wheels. A total of 10 services: tire repair, tire fitting, rear over, balancing, straightening discs, painting discs, removing secrets, replacing brake pads, welding argon, rubber studing.

We knowingly listed all the services here. In contextual advertising, details play an important role. What would you do in the case of self-tuning advertising? As a rule, practice shows that, at best, traffic was driven by general requests such as "tire name of the city" to the home page of the site.

However, each service has its own landing page and for a good conversion of the client it is necessary to conduct exactly there, to which he made the request.

Made by:

The keys were collected and segmented into 10 groups - services.

Who are the customers of this service? First of all, people living in this city, respectively, collecting keywords was carried out from Yandex statistics on this location.

By collecting and filtering the keys, creating a list of negative keywords, we divided all the keys into high-frequency, mid-frequency, and low-frequency.

The first were used to customize advertising in the Yandex Advertising Network. For reference, this is an advertisement with pictures that people see on various websites that are partners with Yandex.

The first and second parts of the collected keys are very valuable, since it is these requests that people type into the search line to find the desired service. Therefore, for each key phrase you need to come up with your ad. This is necessary in order for the client to find an exact match to his request, and Yandex, knowing this, reduced the cost of a click on such a “super-relevant” ad.

We divided the low-frequency keys into groups (10 groups, respectively) and wrote a unique announcement for each one.

In total, three advertising campaigns were created: YAN, “tweeters” and “nizhofitofikatniki”.

How else can you enhance advertising?

One of the tools of Yandex is perfectly suited to our case - Yandex Audience.

Thanks to this tool, you can customize the display of the company YAN to the residents of the area where this tire service station is located. This is especially true in the autumn-spring season for services such as perebortovka and tire.

We took the place of a client of our customers and realized that the decision to change tires for winter tires always comes later than the deadline, the client does not choose the tire changer for a long time, and goes to the nearest one.

It was precisely this criterion that was emphasized at RSYA for tire fitting and re-fitting - “tire fitting in your area (name of district)”.


A week after the launch of the clients' advertising campaign, the service center increased by 35%, which was indicated by requests for complex services and calls and visits.

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