Contextual advertising for competitive requests. What gives?


If you are still an unknown company with a good product, then this article is for you.


 Contextual advertising in Yandex and Google is a great opportunity to quickly get traffic and orders to your site. For a start-up company, at times, this is almost the only tool for promotion. Why?



People are used to brands



Let's imagine that you are making food to order. In the choice of food people are very conservative and, therefore, more often than not, they drive into their search engines not "food on order", but "the company's name is food on order." People are used to their brands and they are difficult to switch to others, perhaps better and cheaper.


 This is why SEO is not working well in this case. The relevance of the site's semantic core to users' requests is low, which means that the site will move very slowly in organic search.


Startups have little money to promote



It will not be a discovery to mention that for the promotion of online and offline resources - money, people - are needed. All this affects the pockets of young entrepreneurs who want to quickly "light up" in the market.



Solution for start-ups



Help comes context advertising, which offers us to offer your product or service for competitive requests.


Contextual promotion includes the collection and segmentation of semantics, namely, all queries for the last month that relate to your product.



Experts of the company Futureinapps distinguish from them inquiries such as "competitor request" and prepare for them a separate advertising campaign. Thus, when the user types "business lunch in Kazan + the name of the competitor's site", your site will be published on request.



Here the work of marketers is very important, which will develop ad texts so that they are more attractive than competitors' ads. It is important to entice users with beautiful photos in the Yandex Advertising Network or Display ads, stocks and offer, which is difficult to refuse.



 This way traffic will go to the site. This not only brings orders, but also is positively perceived by search engines, which influences, among other things, SEO-promotion.



I want to set up contextual advertising!


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