Contextual advertising for a flower shop. Case.

Promotion of a flower shop in Yandex by Futureinapps

Before referring to Futureinapps specialists, the client was going to close his flower shop, as sales were not going. He tried to set up advertising campaigns for himself in Yandex and Google, but it was difficult to evaluate them, since metric counters were not set up. Immediately note that in Futureinapps the project being promoted goes through four stages:

  • Development of marketing strategy

  • Configuring the metric to collect data

  • Setting up related services, such as Yandex. Audiences, for example.

  • Launch of the advertising company and its optimization.

Let's take a closer look at our case.

Development of marketing strategy

The flower shop worked at a loss for reasons we did not understand. First we collected all the necessary information about the store: location, availability of the site, existing marketing, etc.

Next began checking the usability of the existing site. It was quite tolerable, with the exception of photographs and the absence of a USP on the main page. Next, we made a list of recommendations to the site, which were necessary for further work. So, we advised to create separate pages for bouquets for different holidays - March 8, February 23, September 1, etc.

It was decided first to launch advertising companies in Yandex Direct, namely advertising on the search and in the Yandex Advertising Network (RSA).

Configuring the metric to collect data

Statistics in Yandex Metrics should not be underestimated. Connecting a metric is a matter of a few minutes, which will save hours of analyzing traffic to the site. In the metric, you must set up so-called goals. These are "traps" of statistics for traffic from those users who have performed an action on the site. For example, on the site there are buttons "order", "buy", "delivery", "payment", etc. or there is a link to the internal page - by clicking on them the user commits an action and this is fixed for the purposes of the metric. In the future, in the analysis, we understand how to optimize goals (buttons) so that the action leads to a purchase.

In addition to the goals it is important to correctly put utm-tags in order to further evaluate which company, keyword, picture "worked" best.

Setting up related services

For the flower shop, it was decided to set up Yandex. Audiences on the basis of hyperlocation. What it is?

The announcement in RSA was shown to users who were near this store and who previously typed the keywords "buy a bouquet", "buy flowers". It is very important to correctly collect keyword semantics in order to exclude non-targeted displays to the maximum, not to mention non-targeted clicks.

Launching an advertising company and optimizing it

We save the budget of our customers and set up advertising companies clearly for the target audience. Therefore, the collected core of the key queries was filtered several times, then we analyzed each keyword - does it lead to a completely different resource on the topic. For example, the phrase "buy a flower" is not suitable, because a flower in the singular is often used in relation to indoor flowers, which most likely will not lead us to the site of the target customers.

For RSA it is important to collect the most beautiful photos of the goods of the store. To do this, our professional photographer made a subject survey and got very "tasty" and colorful photos. They were useful as cards of goods for the site and pictures for setting up the RSA.

The chip from Futureinapps

When setting up an ad in Yandex, many people do not think about the "Advanced Geographic Targeting" button and turned it off. In the meantime, this option was very useful for our case. How? We have set up an ad display only for the city in which the flower shop was located. Accordingly, people who were in other cities did not see the advertisement. If the button "Advanced Geographic Targeting" is enabled, the person who typed the key phrase of the advertising company + the name of the city where our flower shop was located will see the announcement. Thus, we are attuned to the target audience, who wants to give flowers to relatives from another city.

After the launch of the contextual advertising company in Yandex, bouquet sales rose. The cost of the click due to high CTR decreased, which means that we managed to save the budget of the advertising company without losing traffic.

I want contextual advertising from Futureinapps!

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