CEO promotion. X forced out TIC? How to increase the X.


The company Yandex in August of this year decided that the quality indicator of the site should be measured in other parameters and canceled the TIC. Instead, there was a new indicator, X. SEO experts promoting websites on search networks for a moment stopped and continued their work with even greater effort.

What is useful knowledge of this news to promote the site on search engines? After all, we are primarily interested in how to increase sales / popularity of organic produce.

For a start, a small educational program.

TIC - thematic citation index. It depends on how often your site is “quoted” in the form of links to other resources. The more links to you - the more TIC.

X - the site quality index. It depends on many parameters.

How is X calculated?

1. Number of website visitors

2. Time on site

3. Number of pages viewed

4. Performing targeted actions on the site

5. The level of trust in the site

We see that the number of external links does not affect X. Does the X on the ranking of the site?

Yandex claims no. But advises to increase this index.

How to increase X?

Actually, the whole complex of works, from the idea to the sales / communications through the site, is the minimum that is required for the site quality index to increase.

If you already have a running business and you want to get a good X indicator and put it in the form of a badge on the Home page of the site, then you must first go through the "client path". Revise the structure, usability, feedback and, of course, content. The user must find answers to their questions on your site. They should be as relevant as possible; visitors and search engines will definitely like it.

It will be important to pay attention to the technical aspects. It is known that sites, even being in the TOP, often do not meet modern ideas about design, structure, modules. The owners of these sites are afraid to redo them, because they think that they will surely break something. Therefore, it is important that the development of sites was initially conducted by professionals in their field, and the sites themselves had the possibility of a permanent upgrade, which is problematic in the case of sample sites. By the way, the company Futureinapps develops handwritten handwritten sites.

And what about the TIC? Yes, now this index does not exist, but the ranking algorithm remains. That is, increasing external quality links Affects search results. So the promotion algorithm is still the same. But each promotion company has its own chips, which, as a rule, are not publicly available. So choose companies with good cases and portfolios, for example, Futureinapps!

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