Call the janitor on the mobile application? Last news about mobile application market

News of the mobile application market

The simplicity and convenience of mobile applications is gradually replacing the search for services in Google and Yandex. With each passing day, all new mobile applications come out that make life easier for the people of the planet.

Let's see what's new from the creators of mobile applications we'll see on the market.

Schoolboy from Omsk himself developed a mobile application

Guide to Omsk was developed by a schoolboy, who introduced it to residents and guests of the city. With this application you can find all the sights of Omsk, go to interesting places with "boring" routes.

A guide to the Cosmonautics Museum in the phone!

In Moscow, the application "Go to the Museum" was developed, the pilot version of which is being tested at the Museum of Astronautics. Visitors to museums will be able to find in the application a convenient navigation, interesting descriptions of exhibits, an audio guide.

Developers have created a mobile application for the Android and iOS platforms, and it can already be downloaded on the appropriate markets.

Finding missing children with a mobile app

The Irkutsk charitable foundation "Obereg" created an application to search for missing children. Heads of the fund believe that the search for children should be dealt with not only by special bodies, but also by everyone. In order to participate in the search you need to register, then the volunteer will be provided with all the necessary information about the missing children. Between the volunteers will be maintained communication in the chat room, from which the operative information about the search process will be received.

This application will be launched in November 2018. It is planned to connect to search and other regions of Russia.

Are we waiting for the ferry or open a mobile application?

A mobile ferry tracking application was created in Yakutia. Test this application will be on the crossing of Yakutsk-Nizhny Bestah. At the moment it is registered in the Apr Store and Play Market.

Call the janitor on the mobile application

In Moscow, they want to develop a mobile application that will call the wipers into places where Moscow residents think it is necessary to clean up. This application is planned within the framework of the "Smart City 2030" program.

It is noted that, in addition to full-time janitors, freelancers will be present, ready to clean up for a fee.

The application will be created by analogy with taxi aggregators.

Control of nutrition in schools

In Kemerovo, a mobile application was launched, thanks to which parents can not worry about feeding their children. "School meals" will show the school menu for every day, pictures of dishes. Parents can quickly order dinner for their children, as well as make online payment.

Mobile application is a great solution in many spheres of life. I wonder what else the developers will come up with?

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