Cake is divided. Analysts say the online advertising market is divided between two giants - Google and Facebook.


However, the duopoly is not immune to problems from rivals like Amazon.

According to a recent study by Global War Trends, due to the fact that this year Google and Facebook swallowed up most of the online advertising market, the rest of the players will have to fight for the shrinking remaining piece of cake.

A growing share of duopoly. According to the report, the duopoly increased its share in 2019 to 61.4% of all expenditures on Internet advertising, which led to the first decrease (by 7.2%) of expenditures on advertising by other owners of online media.

Why is it important for contextologists and targetologists to know? The reason for the success of Google and Facebook is the dominance of advertising formats for which online marketers work most effectively: paid search and social networks. In addition, the ease of use of self-service tools offered by both companies makes their products accessible to virtually any business, from the largest to the smallest. This does not mean that there are no alternatives.

When setting up contextual advertising, marketers must look to the future and see promising platforms such as Amazon.

Sign in to Amazon. But their dominant positions are not certain. This year, Amazon released a number of improvements to its advertising purchase interfaces, such as improving the usability of its DSP, expanding the scope of Sponsored Products, adding a reward tool, incorporating customer attraction metrics, and including dynamic rates for Sponsored advertising.

We believe that Amazon’s advertising revenue this year will be $ 14 billion. This is only 13 percent of Google’s projected revenue of $ 107 billion, but WARC, a research company, notes that Amazon’s business is seriously threatening Google’s domination of paid search.

In conclusion, we say that contextual advertising is not the only marketing channel, and if your business uses only this channel, it may collapse.

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