Burn the story! Google will delete your story. Delayed deletion and how it will affect targeting


Are you a conspiracy theorist? Are you afraid that the ubiquitous Google will find you everywhere and pop in a package with gifts in the form of ads based on your query history? You get up in the morning with the thought that you have not cleared the cache and history of the browser for a long time? Just think about it once and forget.

Google announced that users can now automatically schedule the removal of Google's browser history after 3 or 18 months. The option allows users to "set and forget" to avoid the need to manually enter Google settings and delete history.

How it works. Log in to your Google account and go to the activity control panel. Then click the button “choose to delete automatically” and schedule an automatic removal.


Why I do not see this option? The parameter is still being implemented and so far will only be available for location history, web activity and applications. Google said the controls "will be the first in the history of locations, in web activity and applications, and will be implemented in the coming weeks."

Why should marketers care? Can this affect the targeting of our ads in Google Adwords? It is not yet clear what effect this may have on targeting, but we hope to explore this new control in more detail in the future. This should not greatly affect the organic search ranking, as Google stated that personalization is very limited and has little effect on the base ranking.

For users, especially those concerned with confidentiality, the ability to automate the deletion of a story is a big win. Users can now schedule history deletion without worrying about accessing the panel every few months.

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