And your online store uses the analog of Yandex Market in Google-Merchant Center?

And your online store uses the analog of Yandex Market in Google-Merchant Center?

It has already become customary to make Internet purchases in the Yandex Market. You can find out all the characteristics of the goods, store hours, buy goods online, choose the type of delivery.

For most retailers, placement of products in the Yandex Market is mandatory if they want to sell more. In fact, this can replace the promotion of the online store on Yandex Direct.

With the development of e-commerce on the Yandex Market platform, not only large companies began to appear, but also medium and small businesses.

The more the company is represented on the network, the more it has the reach of the target audience. In the case of trading platforms, many companies make a big omission inattentively relating to another site - Google Merchant Center (GMC).

The audience finds the products they need at the following address: https://www.google.com/shopping - Google's purchase service.

What is the difference between Yandex Market and Google Merchant Center?

Both systems, Yandex Market and Google Merchant Center, create advertising sales ads for themselves and all related services based on the feed you uploaded - the list of products in YML format.


The volume of traffic in Yandex Direct in Russia is greater than GMC.

However, the share of GMC is significant, and now it is necessary to strive to take a position in it.

By the way, unlike Yandex Direct, GMC is not an independent platform, but only an add-on to Google Adwords, and this does not affect the service in any way - commercial ads are shown in the advertising block of other Google services.

CPC in Yandex Market and Google Merchant Center

Many people can appreciate the minimum cost of a click in GMC - 1 kopeck. Yandex takes 3 rubles a minimum. Thanks to this, the average cost of a click in GMC is less than in Yandex. In addition, the great role played by the popularity of Yandex Market among advertisers - the competition in GMC below.


Both price aggregators give a high conversion. For some category of products, they work better than Yandex Direct and Google Adwords. Why? The fact is that people who are looking for a specific product with the intention of buying come to marketplace. There are no information requests - only targeted.

Connecting an online store to Yandex Market and Google Merchant Center

As mentioned earlier, both platforms use feeds, but the connection to GMC has its complexities, which are the technical part, which the specialists of Futureinapps can easily cope with.


The share of Google in the Russian market continues to grow, which means that soon all buyers will turn to Google Merchant Center, which already today gives a large amount of consumer traffic.

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