Advertising in Vkontakte. Kinds. Step-by-step instruction.


We see ads in VKontakte all the time, and on the left on the website page, and in our news, but when it comes to advertising, there are thousands of questions, some of which we will try to answer in this article.


Types of advertising in Vkontakte

It should be noted that targeting in social networks is part of the SMM promotion.

Vkontakte advertising can be of three types:

1. On the site

This type of advertising we see on the left in the form of banners (pictures) with texts.

2. In the news

This advertisement in the form of a fully-fledged post can be found in our news.

3. In community posts

Advertising in posts of thematic (close to your subject) communities.

How to advertise Vkontakte

For a beginner targetologist Vk, first of all, it is necessary to establish an advertising office Vkontakte, for this we click on the appropriate tab and refill the account with a minimum of 500 rubles.

Next, the interface of the advertising cabinet will tell you how to create your first ad. It can be in the form of a banner with the text, which is shown on the site Vk, or in the form of a post in the news. The ad can lead to a group of Bk or to an external site.

Note only if you want to create a record (post), but you do not have an administrated group, then, alas, nothing will come of it. The matter is that the advertising record looks like a post of group and should be placed on its behalf. Therefore, it is necessary to start it first.

However, as already mentioned above, there is another type of advertising - in posts of thematic communities.

They can be found in the old-fashioned way - negotiating with community admins, or you can go to a special exchange, where some (not all) communities offer places on their walls.

Why is it better to use the exchange?

The fact is that on the exchange you can see the statistics of the group, the advertising coverage, choose the right groups for the price. This greatly saves your time and improves the return. After all, groups with a large number of participants are many, but they can be "dead." On the exchange, these "dead souls" are not worth a cent!

Vkontakte advertising setting

Knowing your target audience, you can easily configure the display of advertising specifically for it.

How to do it?

In the interface of the advertising office of Vk there are parameters of targeting by sex, age, geolocation, interests, places of study, even birthdays.

If this is not enough, then there are third-party services for parsing (collecting) the Vkontakte target audience, which suggest narrowing the scope of the search, for example, by activities, by groups with a key phrase, etc.

Vkontakte advertising payment

To start, you need to put the most minimal rates and constantly monitor changes in the shows. If there are not enough impressions, then gradually increase the rates. At some point, the "hibernation" of competitors advertising can win the auction and the displays will increase at a minimum rate. We do not advise you to put the recommended amount of Bk, because it can be too high.

This does not apply to the community advertising exchange. There, as a rule, fixed rates and there is important your assessment of these communities and a sober decision in them to be advertised.

Do you need Vkontakte advertising?

Before you run any advertising on any site you need to understand if there is a target audience on it. It happens that the targeted Vkontakte advertising does not work, for example, in the case of an industrial B2B.

Alternative to Vkontakte advertising

There is no alternative as such, but there are actions that can lead to certain results after a while. This is the quality management of Vkontakte groups. However, this is a completely different story!

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