Adaptive Search Ads (RSA) Beta Version


Responsive search ads are designed to advertise products on the Google Network.

Specialists can add up to 15 headlines and up to four descriptions to these ads. The system on the search will have a choice of showing up to two lines of description.

With RSA you can:

1. Add several titles and more than two lines of description. Which can automatically alternate when displaying ads.

2. Specify the URL that will appear in the ads.

3.Get performance statistics for various combinations of strings and headings so that the system increases the frequency of impressions.


It takes less time to create an ad.

Advertising attracts more potential customers due to frequent participation in auctions.

Automatically determines the width of the ad, depending on the diameter of the screen.

Increases the effectiveness of the ad group by increasing the number of clicks.

Marin Software showed a digital marketing report for the first quarter of 2019. We see that 24% of marketers use RSA. In July 2018, Google introduced RSA, which are ad units using machine learning to adapt to user requests. And in December, the new format began to support the Russian language.

You can also view other statistics from the report:

In all countries of the world, the cost per click decreased by 6%. And all this is connected with inexpensive mobile advertising.

The highest cost per click from Messenger.

Now, 20% of Facebook’s total spending is on Instagram advertising.

34% of advertising worked in the store.

22% of advertisers use Google Shopping ADS.

On average, 39% of search budgets are for Google Shopping advertising.

Returning to responsive ads, we note that a quarter of marketers are already actively using them. RSA frisky gain popularity, although there are still only about a year.

Futureinapps also uses RSA along with other contextual advertising formats. Address to experts!

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