5 ways to get more conversions on the landing page!


You are about to customize or have successfully completed a marketing campaign with contextual advertising; your landing page receives many new visitors. But is it optimized for conversions?

Follow these 5 tips to get more conversions on the landing page.

1. Determine who you are targeting

You need to focus your landing page on a targeted demographic group of people with special needs. Instead of directing everyone to the same landing page, use a different landing page for each offer of your company. This way, people will be given a landing page with information that actually relates to their interests.

2. Minimize distractions

Your goal is to remove barriers to the visitor. Limit distractions, such as pop-ups, too many buttons. There should be only one call to action on the page, which does not require much effort from visitors, for example, to write only an email address or just a phone number. Remember, the more you ask from visitors, the less likely that they will continue to fill out the form.

“Make your landing page simple, avoid unnecessary elements that distract from your CTA. Make sure the page load time is optimal. Most people will not wait, they will simply do something else, ”recommends the founder of Futureinapps, Ayrat Galiullin.

3. Maximize visual effects

Aesthetics is more important than you think. The design of your landing page should be simple and straightforward. No need to clutter it with unnecessary elements that only distract visitors from the purchase, it is better to focus on the main and work it out thoroughly. Your page should tell the story - the story of the product. But do not disclose everything at once, excite interest and curiosity, and visitors will want to continue.

4. Let there be a video!

Adding videos is the best way to boost your conversions; You can even double them. The video very well attracts attention and conveys the right message - UTP (unique selling proposition). The video also contributes to the fact that the visitor stays longer on the landing page, and this raises its value to the search engines, which is a successful SEO step. If you include a short biography of the founder of your brand, you can earn the confidence of the viewer. This can lead to conversions, as people will have some connection with your brand.

6. Customer Stories

People like to read customer reviews that were familiar with your product. Visitors are interested in what the problem was and how your product helped solve it. If a client faces a similar problem, then you get his attention.


Your landing page is an important part of your marketing campaign, so you need to optimize for conversions. Get to know your target audience so you can tailor one or more landing pages to their needs and minimize unnecessary distractions. Maximize your visual effects, place a targeted video, share some customer stories and use tools to make sure your page is top notch.

The company Futureinapps is engaged in the promotion of business on the Internet. SEO site optimization - one of the leading areas of specialization. Our task is your conversion!

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