5 tactics that will quickly increase your search ranking


It takes a considerable amount of time to implement most aspects of an SEO campaign, but there are always some relatively quick tactics to improve your SEO results. Here is a list of low-hanging SEO fruits that you can take right now.

 “Together with ... often seek”

“Together with ... often searched” has dominated search results for some time. This makes sense, since most queries are questions for Google.

“Together with ... often searched” you can find at the bottom of the search page and there is a large field of topics for copyright and filling the pages of the site.


Use new structured data FAQs

Experiment with the new structured FAQ data to get the answers that appear in the search results.

One caveat: your content may provide a crawler’s response in search results, so there’s no need to follow the link to your site. Make sure that this does not affect traffic and conversions.

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Delete 301

A 301 redirect chain is when there are several redirects between a URL and its destination URL.

When creating a redirect, you must have one 301 redirect from a single URL directly to the final location. Long redirect chains occur when websites switch to SSL without verifying that all previous URLs end with one step to the HTTPS version.

Here is an example:

Http://www.domain.com → https://www.domain.com → https://domain.com

(where the final destination is non-www)

When the original URL is redirected to a secure URL, but you want non www to be canonical, it should redirect it again. This can lead to loss of link equality, create crawl problems for search engine robots, and affect page speed and server resources. The easiest way to fix the 301 redirect chain is through your site’s host or download the redirect plugin.

Improving the pages that can have the greatest impact

Locate the ranked pages from the bottom of the first page to the top of the second that will benefit from optimization to quickly increase your ranking.

Content may be updated:

• Adding a FAQ section

• Increase the number of words per page by at least 1000 words

• Add various types of content, such as bulleted lists or images

After the upgrade, submit the page to Google in the search console to make sure it crawls quickly.

Optimize internal links

When it comes to links, most people only think about inbound / backlinks, but don't pay attention to internal links.

Although it seems logical to place links anywhere on your site without problems, having internal links everywhere creates a lot of problems.

Internal links must be addressable and follow a hierarchical structure. This is important for several reasons:

• This improves navigation for both users and search engines.

• They create a logical hierarchy that crawlers should follow — the way the bot crawls your site — through the links that it follows to the next page, where it finds another link, etc.

• This allows incoming links to transfer weight across various pages in the subject. Assuming that you keep content isolated or categorized, linking to a top-level page that internally links to the corresponding pages in a sublevel will weaken some of these powers.

Keep in mind that every worthwhile SEO task should not be difficult. Use these simple tactics that can give great results without a major overhaul of the site. These opportunities should not be missed by any SEO specialist.

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