3 ways to improve interaction with Instagram


Is marketing on Instagram a priority for you? Want to know which Instagram posts people like?

In this article, you will learn how to create a more organic interaction on Instagram.

Changes in Instagram marketing

Estimated eMarketer in the survey of the social media industry for 2018, Instagram has become one of the best platforms for marketers, rising from No. 4 in the list to No. 2. It is expected that in 2019 more brands will appear on Instagram.

The industry report for 2018 also showed that organic activity on Instagram was a top priority for the majority of surveyed marketers.

We have gathered the best information to help find ideas for your organic Instagram efforts.

# 1: Focus on getting additional comments on Instagram posts

Instagram reports that 80% of all Instagram users follow business accounts.

So you need to decide which type of interaction best suits your goals. More likes may increase the number of subscribers, but comments can lead to wider coverage. Targeting will result in fewer distractions and a more accurate strategy.

The above report states that video content gets the most likes in general. However, the average number of likes for images is higher than for videos, so the study concluded that the most popular posts with videos can earn a disproportionately high percentage of likes.

Instagram Likes can be a valuable tool for analyzing what the audience is best responding to right now. As for the exchange of information, comments may be the best indicator.

The report notes that comments are much more sharply divided by type of content. Videos collected 46% of all comments from 115 million analyzed posts on Instagram.

In short, think about the ideal behavior you want from your audience and adjust your content to achieve the perfect response. Test different types of content at different frequencies, and then find out what resonates best with your audience.

# 2: Tag users to make Instagram more popular

In addition to the pictures and videos themselves, Instagram accounts have the ability to tag users and add hashtags to create interaction. These extra steps distinguish Instagram from other visual sites like Pinterest.

The Mention study looked at both the average number of likes for an Instagram post and the number of users that were marked in the post. These two indicators were interrelated. Each tagged user brings from 0.5 to 1 likes.

The same result was with comments, albeit with slightly less regularity. It should be noted that extremely popular posts from certain influential individuals (such as Beyonce) may not contain the noted users, but still attract a lot of attention.

Instagram hashtags have been the subject of widespread discussion in the social networking community, starting with how many of them are used in posts and where they should be placed. The study confirmed that most people use within 30 hashtags, and most of the top users use them much less.

The most intriguing part of the study was that the increase in the number of hashtags does not in itself lead to an increase in user interaction. In fact, there were sharp drops in posts with a large number of hashtags.

This report also does not indicate whether hashtags were placed in the body of the post or in the comments, which is the subject of numerous experiments among marketers.

If you pay attention to what attracts your audience to Instagram, and customize the content of the publication according to their needs, then this may be a better predictor of interaction than simply downloading hashtags.

# 3: Involvement

Among the most surprising discoveries of the Mention report on Instagram - the most attractive content on Instagram does not necessarily come from the most popular accounts on the net.

Content that most people interact with produces accounts with 10,000 to 50,000 subscribers.

What explains this result? These users created content that resonated with their own audience more often than with a wider audience.

Micro-accounts that post daily posts and regularly communicate with their subscribers are more likely to receive a return response. Thus, accounts of this size may have more benefits from subscribers, so they are willing to spend time developing content to meet the needs of the audience.

This is encouraging brands with a low number of subscribers.

Therefore, instead of trying to reach a wide audience on Instagram, it’s more important to work with the audience that you have and meet their needs.


Instagram awards brands that meet the needs of its audience. Video content today collects more comments. But what will happen in 2019?

Brands who want to go to Instagram should be attentive to the needs of their customers. Learn from these studies, but adjust your strategies according to what works with your audience and what will best help you reach your Instagram goals.

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