Will the development of sites and web applications develop in 2020?

Will the development of sites and web applications develop in 2020?

Web application development is one of the most dynamic areas in the field of information technology, so it’s worth considering, given the overabundance of various resources on the network, about what awaits web development in the coming year, what the consumer will receive and what web developers will focus on.

Below we list 5 major trends in web development for the coming 2020

  • Live chatbot support
  • Progressive Web Applications (PWA)
  • Voice Search Integration
  • Complete refusal to use Flash Player
  • MUI (Motion User Interface)

Live chatbot support

Today, business puts a high priority on the speed of providing assistance to existing and potential customers. Chatbot is one of the integrated tools that allows the user to immediately receive an answer to a question using the internal knowledge base of the resource. The “service of quick intuitive answers”, let’s call it that, allows companies to save money on round-the-clock support and at the same time immediately help users. Chatbots are integrated into the applications of many large companies and become a part of everyday life, so the number of integrations with them on sites will only grow.

Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

In this article, we will not delve into the definition of PWA, but simply briefly highlight the main differences between progressive web applications from others.

The following key differences can be distinguished:

  • fast site loading;
  • work with a poor internet connection;
  • execution of applications on the browser side using Service Worker. Due to this technology, there is an imitation of interaction with the server directly in the browser. In simple words: if there is no Internet connection or it is extremely bad, then the site downloads information and executes business logic directly in the browser, which has a tremendous effect on user retention on the site;
  • quick loading of the site’s skeleton using the Application Shell, which stores the template directly in the browser;
  • mandatory https connection, which makes the resource more secure;
  • push notifications. Annoying technology, but at the same time effective. It works on the same principle as on mobile devices, that is, it quickly delivers brief information, even if the resource is closed.

Voice search

Voice search is one of the fastest growing trends set by such IT giants as Google, Yandex, Amazon, Apple and others. The ease of use is obvious. No need to write, staring at the screen, just dictate the request and get the result.

With the help of voice, you can not only search, but also manage, for example, a “smart home” or other fashionable gadgets and technologies.

Therefore, it is worth suggesting that voice navigation over site content is one of the most predictable changes in the field of web development and not only.

Complete refusal to use Flash Player

Previously, this technology was actively used in order to revive one or another element of the site. Especially she was loved by gaming sites.

One of the key disadvantages of the technology is its low speed and vulnerability.

This year, Adobe announced that since 2020 it will no longer support and distribute this product.

Therefore, in order not to miss the traffic on the web resource, developers will have to completely get rid of this technology.

MUI (Motion User Interface)

Animations and transitions are effects that allow the user to identify any changes on the site. Thus, MUI is designed to create animations and transitions that have low resource consumption, even in comparison with Flash technology.

In conclusion, I would like to say that web technology continues to develop rapidly, and the presence of a good website for business is an integral part of it in the 21st century.

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