What should be the design of the selling site?


How to make a selling website more productive and cost effective? One of the main conditions is to think over the details of the site design. The main components of the design of the resource are aesthetics and functionality.

Aesthetics of website design

Aesthetics consists of graphic design, choice of color palette, layout of site page elements. After all, it's no secret that the majority of visitors walking along the Internet will linger on the site that is pleasing to the eye. But if the resource is beautiful, but not convenient in navigation, it, simply, will prompt the visitor to search for information on other pages.

Site functionality

The functionality of the site lies in the convenience of its use. If the visitor of the resource can easily learn on his pages, without any problems finding the necessary information and quickly return to the main page, then in the webmaster's language - this is quality usability.

In other words, the site's usability is how easy the resource is to navigate, is not complicated in perception and easy to learn for users.

Design can be done by template or designed individually. In the first case, the design does not require a lot of money, long development and time. But the minus of the template is, the search engine will regard it as a duplicate or plagiarism and pessimizes the resource. This means that the system will artificially lower the position of the site in the list of answers to the search query. In addition, the information content of the site suffers in the template.

Adjusting to the design (and should be the other way around), the site can not fully reflect the content with the help of a visual series.

As for individual development, it is good that the design will fully correspond to the personal project, taking into account all the wishes of the client. And the search on the site will be easy and convenient.

The unique design attracts both the loyalty of visitors and search engines. But the price of such a design will be high, and its development is time-consuming and takes away a lot of time. In addition, the resource will be filled with distracting animations, which seriously affect the number of responses.

Summarizing the above, we can draw the following conclusions: it is important to eliminate all unnecessary design, make it simple and clear, correctly distribute the content, and the conversion will not be long in coming.

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