What is being asked on Twitter and dreaming on Facebook


Long wanted to retweet and “stir up a memo” on the topic of tweet? Do you want your video to become popular and be in the top of Facebook allegations? These social networks have figured out how to do it!

SMM specialists may be interested in two news related to two social networks - Facebook and Twitter.


Facebook makes three changes to the video ranking algorithm in the news feed.

Changes are also given in the “More Videos” section.

3 ranking factors for video

Facebook introduces three factors that will affect the video rating:

  • Loyalty and intention: Facebook has increased the rating of the video.

  • Video and Watch Duration: Facebook has increased the video rating. It brought me the greatest benefit.

  • Originality: Facebook will be more strictly limited distribution and monetization of non-original content.

Company rating for original content creators.


Twitter expands the “retweet with comments” option to include photos, videos and GIF files.

Two teams are needed to develop this feature, as it contains details of tweets and a time frame.

Realistic implementation is a little disappointing.

When adding media to a retweet, a public tweet loses visibility.

Thus, if users do not click on the link, it is not immediately clear.

Twitter can be done using GIF.

SMM specialists can use this news to promote a Facebook account or leave comments on Twitter.

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