What is a Nofollow Link? Does it promote the site?


Link building has a great effect on website promotion in Google and Yandex search. How? Search engines love sites that other reputable sites link to. And therein lies the logic. However, in the pursuit of SEO links, a specialist can catch up with dirty and unnecessary traffic from sites that make money from hosting other people's links. They often do not care about their reputation and take on cheapness. A professional in his field will never fall for such a bait and would rather buy one expensive link than 1000 cheap ones.

What does a link usually look like?

As the page address of a promoted site that is driven into the address bar of the browser. For example, https://futureinapps.com/en

Or, like underlined text highlighted in blue, by clicking on which the user gets to the page being promoted. For example, Futureinapps or SEO promotion in Kazan.

These links are indexed by search engines, and the promoted resource thereby increases in the ranking of Google and Yandex.

However, there are links that, despite being located on a third-party resource and you can go to them, are not indexed by search engines. These are nofollow links.

The nofollow attribute is used by social networks in order to exclude speculations with link building.

Each network in its own way make outgoing links, but they all include nofollow. It is worth noting that in addition to the nofollow attribute, there are others with similar functions: nofollow noopener, redirect, dofollow, noindex.


How to check the site for nofollow links?

It is very important for SEO specialists to know whether the site on which they want to place their links uses the nofollow tag or not. Because the main purpose of building link mass for SEO promotion are links indexed by search engines.

To check, you need to go to the resource, select the link that is already presented there and right-click. Next, select the "element code" and in the right window see or not see the nofollow tag.

Here's what it might look like:


Promotes or not promotes?

Many people believe that since nofollow links are not indexed on the web, they do not play any role in SEO promotion. Is it so?

Let's think, if the goal of SEO promotion, the ultimate goal, is good traffic to the site, then nofollow links contribute to the solution of this problem, even bypassing indexing.

Traffic is visits. It doesn’t matter from which link people who can become your customers have come from - with an index or not.

The more people switch to a resource, the more valuable it is for a search engine, which directly performs SEO tasks.

Therefore, all self-respecting companies are necessarily present in all social networks whose users can make up a good percentage of traffic.

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