Website development. What makes up the UX design or user experience?


User experience is the user's reaction in the form of emotions or actions to the interaction with the site.

Most often this is called UX-design.

However, he has an indirect relationship to design.

What is UX development made of?

1. Strategy

At this stage, the UX-specialist is trying to find solutions that can meet the needs of users and customers, and also makes a list of the site's capabilities through which these desires can be realized.

To determine the strategy for creating a UX interface, it is important to understand the following:

Who, how and for what purpose will use the product presented on the site.

Answering these questions, the developer creates a “user's portrait” for which UX-design is made. To this end, various studies are conducted to identify the target audience, its needs, interests and behavior.

“User portrait” includes the maximum number of parameters: gender, age, nationality, geolocation, education, income level, etc.

After the study, it becomes possible to create several scenarios of user behavior on the site, which provide for the achievement of the ultimate goal - download, purchase, subscription, form filling.

2. Functional

This stage is the collection of all possible functionality that will allow the user to achieve the goal with ease.

3. Structure

At this stage, the developer determines the structure of the future site, the location of all its elements, their relationship relative to each other. Already at this stage, the formation of "sales funnel", which will lead the user to the final result.

This site navigation, which is based on research conducted earlier.

4. Layout

Creating a primary design layout is the main result at this stage. All functions and elements of the site on the layout are in optimal places. The user interface is already beginning to take on visual forms.

5. The final site layout

This layout can already be shown to the customer and focus group of users, which will help determine how convenient it is to use such a site, what needs to be improved, and what is perfect.

This stage is the beginning of the site usability check, which continues until the site is handed over to the customer.

At all stages of UX-development, it is necessary to take into account the user's mental model, which may be correct and not very. Therefore, in the development of the interface is to adapt to both, so that in the end your site is the most visited and brings revenue.

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