Website development. Stages.


Website development is a serious technical process that requires maximum involvement from customers and developers.

Before you order the development of the site, the customer can learn about the main stages of development, to be ready for them.

Stage 1. Analysis of the future project

At this stage, the client’s business is familiarized with the goals pursued by the creation of the site, the definition of the target audience and the identification of competitors.


Stage 2. Technical task

At this stage, together with the customer developed a technical task. In the process of preparation, there are active discussions, the essence of which is to form a budget and to fulfill all the wishes in terms of functionality and design, while saving the budget. The technical task is the main document regulating the work of the team. It reflects the stages of work, the necessary set of functionality and design.


Stage 3. Design

Website design is a visual component of the project and therefore is developed first. It should be noted that the design in this case also implies the user experience - UX design. A designer from scratch can develop a logo and other elements of corporate identity for the company.

If the company already has its own corporate identity, then the designer just needs to adapt it for the future website.

Stage 4. Development

It's time to put together the technical task, the project and the design. At this stage, the program code of the site is written, pages in HTML format, menus, hyperlinks, pages of forums, news, etc. are created. The result is the site is still without content.

Stage 5. Content

Site content is what it will be filled with - text, photos, graphics and video. It is very important that the customer provides all the necessary basic information, which can then be supplemented.

Stage 6. Testing

The site is subjected to various kinds of testing - open it in all possible browsers, check the performance on all pages, check the mobile version of the site and subject to stress tests.


Stage 7. Delivery of the site

The site is located on the Internet. The site is being indexed, which, by the way, is accelerated in our company. Site indexing is a hit in search results. The search robot enters the site, reads all pages and places it in the search. However, this does not mean that you can immediately see him there. In order for the site to be better ranked, another stage is needed.


Stage 8. Website promotion

It is believed that SEO site optimization is the prerogative of third-party specialists, but in those tasks it is possible to include the initial optimization with which, for example, our company specialists cope. SEO from developers is the best solution, since there is no need to re-build communication with other specialists.

Stage 9. Evaluation of the result

The main conditions for a positive assessment:

  • The developer has fulfilled all the requirements set forth in the technical specifications;
  • The site is working properly and delivered on time;
  • The site is easy to manage, thanks to the excellent admin panel;
  • The customer is satisfied not only with the performance, but also with the level of service.

Futureinapps company will develop for you a website of any complexity and with a unique design. We can meet the needs of even the most demanding customer!

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