Want to see an alligator on your office desk? Now on Google search you can open images in 3D!


Google 3D images and AR integration in mobile search


Google announced a few weeks ago support for 3D images and AR in search - this feature is now available. Many search engines can search for objects such as [shark], [lion], [panda], [alligator] and so on, and see these three-dimensional objects in the search, and then project them into their environments (at home and in the office) using AR.

How does it work. Open your mobile browser on Android or iPhone and search for these keywords. If you scroll down and see the “View in 3D” option, you can click on it to load the object. Then you can click on the AR option to see the object at your location through the camera of your mobile phone.

What is it like. This is how it will look like: