Vkontakte lifehacks. Increase traffic to the site

Vkontakte lifehacks to increase traffic to the site

In this article, not all the lifhacks will be introduced to promote the social network Vkontakte, but this is one of the most working.

So, let's begin!

First you need to understand whether you need a page in Vkontakte for sales through it, or as a transition to the company's main resource, for example, a site, a laptop page, an offline store or a showroom.

Depending on this, a strategy will be built.

Today we will talk about the strategy when it is necessary to increase the conversion of conversions to an external Internet resource.

Unique content

Since June 2018, Vkontakte presented a new algorithm for Nemesis, which is designed to identify plagiarism and punish thieves of other people's content. Unique and interesting content is highly ranked by VKontakte and is enjoyed by users. That is why the services of a good copywriter, which not only write a unique text, but also be able to put into it native advertising (another term, which we will consider below), are so important for today.

Native advertising

Sales in the forehead are an outdated model that does not work. Unless you sell through Vkontakte Ferrari at the price of Lada. But this is from the realm of fantasy. In reality people are tired of "50% shares for everything" or "Buy from us and get a gift". All this is also not unique, and therefore dissolves into a sea of ​​similar proposals.

Native advertising is a good story that can interest your target audience. In it you will not find advertising appeals "buy" "shares", but the user will necessarily follow the link, because the text interested him so that he is ready to perform the next action - click on the link.


Now there will be "bad" advice, but they are important for ranking the post on the news page of your group's subscribers.

It's about the comments. In short, Vkontakte raises posts in the tape, under which there are a large number of comments. And this is a fact. Therefore, it is important at the very beginning to comment on the posts themselves, ask friends, employees to do it. The more comments (preferably on the topic), the better. Whether to use ways to cheat comments - decide for yourself, we only note that not always a comment like "norms", "likes", "smiles" attracts real people who suddenly saw this post in their own tape.


From the English word share - share. But this is not a simple repost. If your task is traffic to an external resource, then you need to "rassharivat" links to a specific page of the site. These links can be left, accompanied by comments in various thematic public comments - in the comments and on the open wall, as well as on your VC page.

At this stage, it is very important that the links are natural and on the topic of discussion. Otherwise, users can complain about spam. And we need it?

Brand image

Your store, salon, brand certainly has a logo (if not, it's worth thinking about). The logo on the photos is an indicator of the seriousness of your company. He plays a big role in promoting the product / service / brand.

The psychology of the user is clear - he is afraid that he can be deceived, because sales in a social network are sometimes associated with "lime" pages, bots and "kicked". Branded picture gives some guarantee that the company was created not yesterday, but has a history, its regular customers, money to develop a logo and promotion in the network. Accordingly, the percentage of confidence in it increases.

Surprised by some groups that do not brand their pictures in posts. Do not repeat such mistakes. The logo can easily be attached to a picture in Photoshop in a minute.

Video Content

Video production is an expensive pleasure, but those who can afford to create a promotional video for the presentation of a company, service or product - it is necessary to do it!

Video content is a trend that gets a lot of organic coverage. It's a sin not to use, even if you do not have money for a professional video, you can use your smartphone for a short video presentation of your product for storiz in instagram, for example.

By the way, even Sberbank made a few videos in the format of the story for social networks. They were filmed on a smartphone.

Motivation for the transition

We already wrote that now we are talking about lifhakas, which will increase the transitions from posts to an external Internet resource. In addition to native advertising is very important intrigue in the post, which would interest the user so much that he would click on the link. This is the task of a professional copywriter, by the way, we have and offer a modem.

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