Vimeo Enterprise provides: Real-time video calling


The new offer is a separate membership from Vimeo from current pricing plans, with costs depending on the size of the company and its needs.

Vimeo Launches Vimeo Enterprise, a Video Communications Solution Designed for Large Organizations. Companies will be able to manage and share video content in real time and on demand. Communicate with teams or send video messages to customers from a single video platform.

Why is this important for marketers?

Vimeo Enterprise offers a video communication tool for marketers and sales professionals to communicate with customers, as well as a number of features that help companies scale up their video marketing efforts. Platform users will have access to video analytics and will be able to create branded websites with video content called Vimeo Showcases using live video content.

“Organizations use video to attract employees and ensure customer loyalty, but we have seen that large companies have complex and special requirements for managing video content,” said Vimeo Anjali Sud CEO.

Marketers using PRO Vimeo can potentially use Vimeo Enterprise to step up their marketing efforts, answer user questions, announce product updates, and more with live video options.

Just imagine, you open a site, and there are not articles, but videos, not a chat bot, but a video chat with a live manager.

All this is the future of marketing, and for those who have not yet thought about the video presentation of their company, it is already worth doing it! And we, as producers of video content of any genre and profile, will help you with this!

More details

• Vimeo Enterprise is a separate membership level from Vimeo Business or Pro. Prices vary depending on the company, its size and needs.

• It comes with additional security features with single sign-on and special support, including inbound services from Vimeo customer support.

• Unilever, Deloitte, and also, according to Vimeo, Axalta is one of the companies that currently use real-time video streaming features.

• You can learn more at the online conference on October 1

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