Urgently! Instagram removes meme accounts with millions of subscribers!


Instagram is haunting accounts that mostly post memes by deleting popular pages that have garnered millions of followers.

Dozens of accounts with over 30 million subscribers have been deleted without warning. Deletion is permanent, which means that users have no hope of recovering their accounts.



According to various news reports, one user earned up to $ 30,000 a year by partnering on Instagram and using the money to pay for college.

A Facebook spokesperson told reporters that the accounts were disabled due to numerous violations of the platform’s policies.

Earlier this month, Instagram updated its account deletion policy. Now he can delete accounts that have a certain number of violations for a certain period of time.

Based on the timing, it is possible that the deletion of accounts is associated with the latest change in Instagram policy.

In any case, this whole situation illustrates the danger of creating a business exclusively on social networks. Those who once thrived on Instagram are now experiencing difficulties.

Organic engagement is declining, sponsored participation in posts is also declining, and Instagram is continuing its experiment in which accounts do not see the number of likes from others.

Instagram is now quickly deleting popular accounts, preventing them from appealing this decision. And that's fine, technically speaking, because Instagram can do what he wants with his own platform.

Unlike a property website, people don’t own their social media pages. Instagram can restrict access to pages, pause them or permanently delete them.

It seems like uncertain times are coming for people who rely on Instagram for a large part of their income.

Therefore, we offer the correct maintenance of social networks and the creation of sites that will belong only to you!

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