Try your luck. Instagram Contests


At the moment, the promotion and involvement of the audience is very well developed in social networks, but one of the interesting ways is “competition”.

Let's take a detailed look.

Why should we give our product when you can sell it?

The purpose of the draws is to replenish its audience, or to be more precise, potential clients. And this is a dialogue with the public. It is very important to maintain friendly relations with your audience. This is the real victory over the competition.

I will give you, but do something

Competitions - the working mechanism in the promotion.

1. You need to understand what problem we solve. Basically, with a contest, they raise the reach, “pump” the smart tape, and collect it into subscribers in the community and in the list for mailings.

Probably for more specific niches, this will not work. It is necessary to test and select the type of competition for their activities.

2. We start the competition and now we need to understand what needs to be done.

It is necessary to unleash the competition to the maximum, but do not forget that the audience will not agree to perform a variety of actions. Therefore, you need to choose the most optimal, for example: “mark friends” and put Like. Most of the audience will not want to miss the chance to win and pick up the product. And all other participants a one-time discount of 10%


3. During contests, attendance and coverage increase. It is necessary to use this time in full.

Let's sum up

Competition is a good tool to attract potential customers. But in order not to complain about the lack of viability of this method, you need to organize a competition correctly.

If the competition did not lead you to the expected result, look at the following factors:

1. The lack of a target audience.

2. Sanctions from Instagram and a drop in organic coverage.

3. Freeloaders ”and“ prisms ”.

So, competition, this is an effective way to promote, and that is why you need to try to hold it more often, but do not overdo it. After all, if you constantly have the same salad, he will get bored.

The main thing to understand is that you can invest big capital, but there will be no result. And all because they studied the competitors and did as they did, just copied their ads! It is worth a little work and analyze their approach, find shortcomings, explore the market and use this knowledge for yourself. Then you can be sure that you will be the first winner in this competition! B company Futureinapps will help with this!

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