Triggers in social networks: program the customer to buy

Selling texts in social networks

Triggers are often compared to a trigger, a trigger. Button, on that pushed-and went sales. To some extent, that's the way it is. The main thing is to use them correctly.

It is important to understand that if you have a bad product, absolutely not a good offer or just a boring post - then no triggers will help you. Actually, like any other marketing techniques, so before reading any article on product promotion, make sure that your product deserves promotion at all.

So, triggers. Psychological techniques, methods of influence. Weaknesses that can be pressured. Use them in your texts in social networks, and users will do what you need to: like, comment, subscribe and finally buy.

The most effective triggers in social networks:

1. Greed

Even those people who are easy to money and without regret part with them, inherent greed and the desire to save. Let the person know that if he does not buy something right now, he will miss the best offer and then pay more. Discounts are the main tool of greed trigger. As well as all sorts of three for the price of two, 1000 points per card, in five days the prices will rise, etc.

2. Individuality

The desire to be unique - this trigger is especially effective to use now, in the era of Millennials, who all tend to be not like everyone else, not to merge with the gray mass. Play with the vanity of a man, make him feel special. Indicate that your product-not for everyone, but only for those "who have a taste"," who loves himself"," who appreciates his time","who does not accept the imposed framework."

3. Deficit

Only three places left. There are two masters out of ten on the line. 8 hours left. The last two Windows for the week. All these are powerful tools of influence. Some attribute this to the ancient instincts that made cave people be quicker to prey not threw his spear to someone else. Others-just with the spirit of competition, which is also exacerbated in modern man. Social networks, ostentatious beautiful life-all this encourages people to eternal race for the best and limited, even if they do not really need it.

4. Herd

This feature is paradoxically combined in a person with the desire to be individual. But on the question of all moms on Earth, " If everyone jumps off the roof, will you jump too?"most people somewhere in the subconscious say YES. Because nobody wants to be worse than others. If you stand in an excellent way. And not have what there is have all - so no one wants. So when I signed up 10 000, 50 000 mom appreciated and 100 000 entrepreneurs studied in this course is very hard to resist.

5. Laziness

People want everything at once. Effortless, time-consuming, no registration and SMS. We will select the desired shape of the eyebrows, advise a sketch for a tattoo, teach you to speak English perfectly in 10 lessons. No need to leave the house, no need to wait, no need to think. We will do everything for you.

This is not the entire list of triggers. There are" intrigue"," fear"," trust"," self-expression"," sex " and dozens of others. And remember: it is important not only to know them, but also to use them correctly.

The main thing-do not lie if the deception will harm the client or will not bring the promised results. The main principle of good marketing - do no harm! Even in the name of sales. Remember that one selling by deception - a damaged reputation and lost a dozen sales.

Therefore, if you have, for example, round - the-clock service for opening locks, the site always says "three masters out of ten are free", and in fact the operator sleeps at night and does not answer calls at all next time you will not be called either day or night. This, incidentally, the real story of the client.

Conclusion: use triggers wisely. And better, contact to professionals.