Tools for promotion in Instagram, which have outlived their usefulness


There are many ways to promote your business account now, but some of them do not work. Over time, they are killed by unscrupulous SMM-Shiki, bots and just users who use these tools for other purposes.

Mass following

While this is the cheapest way to promote a business account. This is an automated, mass subscription to the target audience (although some do it manually). In the early days of instagram, he was still effective. But over time, it became so popular that we do not pay attention to these “Brand watches”, “Underwear” and “English Courses” in subscribers.

This does not mean that you need to completely abandon it. Exhaust is, but usually no more than 5%. No harm done. Just in case we share a great service for the mass following - Tooligram. You can connect, but it is better to use it in combination with more reliable tools (I will tell about them below).

Hashtags and geotags

It used to be simple. Fill in the photo, put the tag # dostavkasushi_kazan-waiting for bad weather - your potential customer drives the tag in the search-finds you-you're great!

Now on all popular tags - tons of garbage and spam. Many people make up a group of hashtags and insert it into each post without looking. Therefore, ordinary users are less likely to search for something by tags. In addition, if your account is still a “baby”, it will take a lot of time and investments to reach the top. So, everything here is the same thing with mass following: use, but don't expect that it will bring large coverage, thousands of new subscribers and sales.

Cheat subscribers

This instrument wasn't just dead - it wasn't alive. On this topic we wrote a separate article “Dead souls”: how cheating subscribers kills coverage. Read it and never do it again.

Fortunately, the tools that work and bring great reach, audience and sales are much more. 

1.  Targeted advertising

2.  Promotion of posts

3.  Advertising in blogs and public places

4.  Contests and marathons

5.  Give Away

6.  Stories and live broadcasts

7.  Free trial classes, gifts, jokes

Keep in mind that most of these methods are paid. And the more money you invest in them, the more exhaust will be. In subsequent publications, we will examine each of them in more detail.

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