The magic of interface design or UX as a science?

The magic of interface design or UX as a science?

According to Google, today more than a billion different sites participate in the network. In addition to sites on the network there are a large number of different applications for mobile devices, PCs and SmartTV. In this regard, a new task arises, which consists not only in attracting new users, but also in creating a unique design. Now we have all the facilities for reading clicks. He should interact with developers, not with artists, but with engineers who should help answer the questions “how?” And “why?”, He should interact with the interface.

Thus, we introduce the concept of UX (user experience).

The main components of UX:

  • convenient location and clear designation of navigation elements. The interface should not have extra buttons. For example, some resources on the first screen (buttons) contain transitions to secondary sections. If these buttons do not contain text, they should be intuitive to humans. For mobile applications, Google and Apple have developed entire guidelines.
  • clear and logical scenarios of user behavior on the resource. This item is especially important for both business and the user. Excessive clicks, clicks, and other actions can occur only because users need business goals, or they cannot fully use the functionality of web / mobile applications;
  • response to user action. We give a simple example. In this case, it is necessary to display the download indicator, otherwise the user will decide that this application is not working and will close it.

I can not predict all the subtleties of UX. To conduct split tests. UX split-test means testing throughout the entire available period (usually from a week or more). This approach can also be used for advertising on Google and Yandex.

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