The first and timid steps on Instagram: where to get the first 1000 subscribers

Promotion Instagram on the first stages

In the courtyard of the 2019th, and to us still come customers who show us twisted-twisted accounts and say: "We want it like that, to 100 thousand subscribers, at any cost."

We have already written about this many times that for sales you need not 100,000 robots and bots, but at least one thousand - but living, active people.

1000 subscribers are at least 60-70 likes and, with good quality content, 20-30 comments under the post. And this is a good chance of getting into the "popular" by tags and geotags.

So, how to recruit a cherished thousand:

1. Content

Do not proceed with promotion methods until you put your profile in order. This item is divided into two components:

- Visual. At least 9 recent photos should be of high quality, visually attractive. Ideally, if you are not stingy and spend 5-6 thousand rubles on services once to pay the designer, so that he developed the design of your account.

- Text. Texts should be interesting, lively, emotional. Instagram is no longer an album with pictures. Become the blog for which people will log in, posts from which they will save themselves and share with friends.

In parallel, manually subscribe to acquaintances, friends and recommended users.

2. Hashtags and geotags

This is no longer the way that will give you popularity, fame and money, but, again, with good content, a stable 10-15 subscribers per month will definitely bring.

3. Networking

Spread your sphere of influence beyond instagram. Be where your target audience is. Come to mom's forums, if you are engaged in the delivery of baking and selling children's clothes. Go to business class lectures if you study b2b. Do you write books? Hang out at book fairs, meet sellers and buyers. Meet, chat, change instagrams.

4. Unite

Look for businesspeople with a similar sphere and organize joint events - both online and offline. Exhibitions, marathons, competitions, raffles, quests, SFS. Change subscribers and look for new together.

5. Paid methods

The first 300-500 subscribers are better to dial for free. Then you can connect paid tools:

1. Targeted advertising

2. Promotion of posts

3. Advertising on blogs and publics

4. Competitions and marathons

5. Massfoloving (only very carefully, without fanaticism)

Surely, you are wondering: how long will it take to collect the first thousand?

Everything is individual, there are no guarantees here - only the method of trial, error and stuffing cones. For someone, it takes a couple of months, for someone for six months. It all depends on the quality and frequency of the content. With daily posting, with soul and taste, you can handle it quickly.

And if you are not confident in your abilities - contact the professionals. We write bright texts, create a stylish design and intelligently customize advertising to your target audience!

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