So you hear me? Google will show the results in podcasts in the search


SEO professionals have just become one of the foreground advances in Google.

Google has been using a few months ago to tell you what to do next to the search results. This is what's happening now, and we look up the results on mobile devices and computers.

Zack Reneau-Wedeen, a developer and a developer of podcasts Google, published this post on May 9 in Twitter, saying: "This is not the case for you to search for and download Google Play for Android, iOS and Nastologных computers."


Wow it looks like:


When you're "Quit Drop Down", you can populate the Google Podcast interface.


More Phrase Search Subcasts. Either the function is just a matter of the headline or methane podcasts, but it is also possible to learn audio, transcribing it into a plain podcast. Таким образом соодание метаданных и сути подкастов обязательно для SEO. Everything or anything else, with the simple texts.

Podcast Release. Specific structured data subkases that you can use to help Google find and understand your podcast. Google says: "You can enable the podcast to search Google with a pc together with Google with the specific episodes and vstroennym playback for every one of them. This feature is also available for Google Search App for Android (requires version 6.5 or higher from Google Search App), application of Google Podcasts, Chrome for Android, Google Home and Google Assistant. "

Is it important for SEO? As Rak Zah Ren-Wedin said in Google, it's "okay to make a speech with a first-person citizen in Google". The person who creates the subconscious will be able to finally get more out of the content for the content of the content. Be sure to use the Podcast feature to make sure you have the maximum audio output available.

Futureinapps company is engaged in SEO business for business. We can either write or subscribe to podcasts that will be indexed to Google. Спешите занять свое место в это новой нише!

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