SMM promotion. How to use all the features storiz to the maximum?


Business owners do not even realize how widely you can use the possibilities of Stories to promote their business. We will show you 8 "chips" that are guaranteed to increase your popularity in social networks!

1. Mini reports from the place of work that will be relevant and interesting for your subscribers.

Imagine that you are repairing apartments. People love to look at how to improve their homes, they like life hacking, whom they will be able to spy on, and they also notice how your team works. Storeys from the scene of events unfolding in the apartments of customers can be interesting, especially if you approach this creatively and transfer a potential client to the site for details.

2. Live webcast.

Sometimes the format of a story in 15 seconds is not enough to transfer the necessary information. So, many coaches use the online broadcast of their free first lessons, then to transfer those interested in further training to a “selling” page or lead form. Thus, the free lesson will be a “sampler”, after which the “heated” client decides to pay for the following classes.

Live broadcasts should not be boring, with a long introductory greeting, as bloggers love to do and long inactivity. Dynamics decides! People decide to watch or not watch your live broadcast in just seconds! Therefore, let your broadcasts be saturated and the percentage of refusals from viewing will be much lower.

3. Storeys makes a full photo post.

A collage of photos, a short description of the product or service and the link will help the subscriber to make a decision to learn more about your product by clicking on the link. The main task of Storiz is to “hook”, which means that the visual component should be given maximum attention. If the picture is not interesting, then it will not come to the text, no matter how useful and short it is.

4. Photo galleries in the horiz.

Who said that the story is limited to one photo or, at best, a collage? After all, you can make a photo gallery from photos. The most important thing here is the quality of the photos and preferably a common unifying theme, so that the user purposefully thumb through the album and choose what he needs! For example, photos of jewelry. They should go one by one, do not dilute it with storiz, how you stand in a traffic jam! And do not forget to accompany them with links to the page with the product.

5. Announcements.

Announcements may be for upcoming events, but since the memory of instagram users is rather short, it is better to immediately announce the event, the details of which are in the tape or by reference. As a rule, announcements of various promotions and contests work well, especially if the information about the prize will be indicated in the announcement.

6. Sales from storiz.

If there is no site to which customers can lead, then Instagram allows selling directly from Stories! We place the goods, insert the widget "send a message" and voila! The user orders directly in Yandex.Direct.

7. Publication of the results of the competition.

The results of the contests must be duplicated in storiz, as there are people who view only storiz without looking at the tape. The fact that your business account holds contests with valuable prizes will not go unnoticed and tracking visitors will soon increase significantly.

8. Links to your other accounts.

Storiz is ideal for specifying links to other accounts on which you can post, for example, reviews, additional information about the product, your personal page, to increase loyalty, and maybe goods related to the main one.

All of the above refers to the story in all social networks where it is. If you have unique content and interesting presentation, then the use of all the above "chips" will help the promotion of your account in social networks.

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