SMM news. How does Facebook search work and is it possible to show Instagram to selected people?


Facebook explained how its search works

Facebook has developed a short video that explains in detail how the search works on this social network.

The company says it wants to be more transparent in its search algorithms and in what happens when users search for content on Facebook.

A two-minute video told us about the following:

How does Facebook work?

1. Search results on Facebook primarily depend on the activity of people on Facebook

2. What people do on Facebook does not affect the search results.

3. When a user searches for content on Facebook, the results are evaluated depending on the activity of sources on Facebook - people or the entire community.

Facebook activity that affects search results includes:

1. Themes with which your friends share with you

2. Pages to which you are subscribed

3. Groups you joined

4. Events you like or track.

5. Things you interacted with in your news feed

6. The information specified in your profile

7. Places where you have been marked

8. Previous search

Facebook search results are also based on Facebook’s overall community activity, including the popularity of what users have been looking for recently.

Instagram allows users to share stories with a select audience

Instagram is launching a new feature that will allow users to share stories only with close friends.

This is an ideal solution for people who want to distinguish between personal and public space in a social network.

A specially created second closed accounts (Finstagrams) are becoming an increasingly common trend on Instagram in order to accept only relatives and close friends to share certain types of content.

The new parameter Close Friends from Instagram is probably the direct response to the Finstagram trend.

Users who have business and personal connections can now share stories only with people they know personally.

To do this, users need to create a list of "Close friends", which can be found in the side menu.

The next step is to add specific people to the list. No one can ask to add to this list and information about who is on the list is private.

Users viewing a story that is shared with people from the “Close Friends” list will see a green icon in a photo or video.

The fact that a person has a personal story will indicate a green ring around the profile photo.

The function Close Friends is now available worldwide in Instagram for iOS and Android.

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