SMM: Before it's too late, check out TikTok


The social network TikTok, which is still not very popular in Russia, is gaining momentum and has already thought about how to increase its profitability through advertising on other platforms.

AdWeek reports that this information was found in some recently released developer documents.

This means that advertisers will be able to attract users outside the TikTok platform. While the tests pass on the audience of the East Asian market, then they will move to the United States.

Advertising options include full-page video ads in other applications, or paid video ads, which can usually be seen in most free games.

TikTok is growing rapidly, but so far does not have a system for monetizing its users, as more authoritative applications such as Facebook and Snapchat.

But this does not mean that he is not trying. A report released in June indicates that TikTok is testing interest-based targeting, adjusting audience and pixel tracking. These options complement device targeting by age, gender, location, operating system, and network.

TikTok currently earns revenue from in-app purchases. Users can buy digital currency, which allows them to discover additional features to improve their content. TikTok has reportedly earned $ 75 million from the sale of its digital currency.

TikTok also earns revenue from advertising in news feeds, although they are only available to some agencies in beta testing.

Why should this be interesting for SMM?

Pioneers in any social network always win. Yes, the TikTok format, it would seem, is not entirely clear to an adult audience and serious brands look down on the opportunity to advertise on this social network. But today, not only teenagers are registered in TikTok, the application plans to expand its audience, and therefore, think about how your brand can be represented on this social platform. Who knows, maybe she will open up new opportunities and pull up a new target audience.

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