Services for Instagram promotion: how to safely use


Few people know: the rules of Instagram prohibits ALL third-party programs. Mass-fading and mass-leasing, reposts, services for holding contests and even SMM-gliders.

If you are a smiley or a businessman who independently and with all his soul maintains his account, then you must understand: without all these programs, quality promotion is almost impossible.

Rules can be circumvented. The main thing is to do it as carefully as possible. One careless action - and Facebook will block your account. Since there is no FB office in Russia, the machine checks all your actions. And in case of blocking, it will be extremely difficult to return the account.

How to use third-party programs without risk

1. No more than one service at a time. For example, you have connected massfolving. In parallel with this, automatic posting through the glider is in progress. Plus your live account activity. These are already three different IP. Facebook does not forgive this.

Exit: if you know that the next week will be on fire or you are going on vacation, and the posts should go out - first turn off the massfoldering, then start the glider. Or, if you are planning a contest, for this time you also turn off mass-liking, gliders and everything else. One time period - one service.

2. If masslifting and massfolving is connected, try not to like and comment on anything manually. At the very least, do this at a minimum. The principle is the same. The machine will notice a like from different IP and block the account.

Set no more than 20 actions per hour in the mass-liking settings. Otherwise, FB recognizes that likes are not distributed by a living person, but by a machine.

3. If there is an urgent need to use two or more services (for example, insisted by the customer), buy a proxy server that changes your IP. Put this address on all services with which you work. So, FB will see that all actions are performed from one IP.

We recommend using this method in extreme cases, because there is no guarantee that this address has not been supplied by someone else. In any case, do not put free addresses - almost certainly, someone else uses them. With paid services, the risk is much lower.

The main thing is to warn the customer about all possible risks!

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