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If you want to appear in selected fragments of Google, make sure that you are familiar with their content policies.

Recently, Google’s practice regarding which sites and types of content may be included in selected fragments raises concerns and talks about “black lists” in some SEO circles.

What are selected fragments? Selected fragments, as a rule, are blocks of content received from pages on the Internet. Google shows them at the top of search results pages for some search queries. They can be displayed as a paragraph with images, they can include bulleted lists, spreadsheets, and more. Fragments tend to give search engines a brief answer to the user's request.

What types of content does Google strive to prevent from favorites? Google does not show the following content in favorites:

• Sexually explicit content.

• Hateful content.

• Content that contains violence.

• Dangerous and harmful content.

• Lack of consensus on the content of topics of public interest, such as civil, medical, scientific and historical issues.

In the context of this latter category, Google has specifically developed systems that usually prevent similar content from being shown in selected fragments. This means that sites and pages that contain multi-polar content, which is unlikely to represent consistent points of view on a number of sensitive topics, will also be excluded from display in selected fragments.

“Favorite snippets are a search function that highlights web sources that may contain what you are looking for. Thanks to the special formatting they receive. We have rules that prohibit us from showing fragments on topics such as civil information or medical information, where the content does not find broad agreement, ”a Google spokesman said. “Our systems are designed to not show selected fragments that violate our rules. This does not affect which page takes place in regular search lists. ”

How does Google keep favorite snippets? First of all, Google develops algorithms for detecting and automatically deleting content types that do not comply with its policy. Google says: “Our systems tend not to show selected fragments that violate our rules. However, the search scale is so large that no system can be perfect. That's why we provide a public reporting system. ”

In the event of a failure of algorithmic lists and detection systems, Google will take action manually.


Not penalized in the main search. The fact that the site cannot be displayed in the section of selected fragments of Google does not mean that it will not occupy a place in the main web search. Google said that these sites are still rated as normal search results, it does not affect their ranking.

Why should we care? Selected fragments can be a great source of traffic to a website from Google search. It can also be the only source of traffic from voice prompts Google Assistant and the Google Home device. Typically, publishers and webmasters want the content to appear in the Favorite Fragments field for a given request, but if your content falls into the categories described above, the likelihood that your content will be presented in selected fragments is unlikely .

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